Juvederm for Wrinkles Around the Mouth

I have wrinkles and creases around my mouth that...

I have wrinkles and creases around my mouth that caused me to look like I was frowning. I had Juvederm injected this morning and I am already thrilled with the results!! I look more rested and it even got rid of my frown lines between my brows!!

I will probably go back again in a couple of months to get a couple of more areas touched up. The pain was so minimal I didn't even know she was injecting the product!!


can you post the dr's name?
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yes please if you could do that, very appreciated, I dont buy the pictures on the juvederm website of course they are going to have them photoshopped and perfect..i like REAL results...Iam very nervous about having this done but my hatred for the lines kind of outpowers the nervousness...
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I don't really have any pictures of before......I have a couple of after, but I am smiling, so it is really hard to tell. However, I just had one of the girls in my office tell me this morning (she had no idea I had it done) that I looked really bright and wonderful!! It was a VERY possitive experience.......I highly recommend it!! I will try to find some pictures.
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Name not provided

The nurse was wonderful. She did what I came in for.....didn't try to sell me anything else and she was very gentle!

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