Facelift - 54 Yrs Old

Wow! alot more recovery time and major surgery! I...

Wow! alot more recovery time and major surgery! I had researched and thought about it for a few years. I did not want to look back at 65 yrs old and think 'I wish I would have done it" while I am still working and able to take 6 weeks off I thought "I better do it this year"

I had a lot of loose turkey neck skin and needed dermabrasion around my mouth area. it is still very pink even though concealor covers it up. that was such a peeling and gross thing added to the lift. I think I am improving every day (16 days) My husband says I have a duck face right now. had to put all my trust in a highly reccomended and experienced surgeon in my area. Let's hope for the best!

Anyone 6 or more weeks seeing a natural look appearing?

Hi, I am 3 months now and the ridge is slowly going away. I can't say my cheeks are all smooth but seems lots better. The Dr. said 6 months (they never tell you that before hand!) he says the sutures holding up my muscles need to dissolve. I have had ultra sound and massage. Hang in there!
6 weeks now and the pink from dermabrasion is almost all faded, however I still have the lumpiness and a ridge on the left cheek.. trying to be patient and massage all the time. I will post when (if)it goes away!
I will be 5 weeks post tomorrow and I have a ridge on my left cheek and two places (both sides of my mouth) that have lumps. The skin is squishy to touch, but no fluid is there to be removed - my doctor tried. I have been told to massage hard and ultrasound treatment daily. Yesterday he injected a small amount of a steroid and that seems to have helped. I am curious if others have had the ridge/lumps and how long it takes to resolve.
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