Rhinoplasty done at Imagine Plastic Surgery in Riverside mixed feelings about results :(

Hi everyone. I hope someone can share their...

Hi everyone. I hope someone can share their similar experience. I had been saving for cosmetic surgery for 5 years and finally decided it was time to take the plunge and do it. I am 27 years old and had been wanting to remove a hump on the bridge of my nose since the age of 14. No one was willing to pay for it and I didn't want to fly oversees to get it done because of the amount of risk associated with surgeries in forgein countries. I saved enough and went with a surgeon who i'd been reading on for about 2 years and his experience with ethnic rhinoplasty. So this morning at 7am I had my first and hopefully last rhinoplasty to define my nose more in the front but look natural because it was lacking a curve and looked a tad bit thick to me. My side profile bothered me more though. It had a hump on the top and drooped down a little when I smiled. I just came home from surgery about 6 hours ago. Although I liked my doctor and his extensive experience I am a little afraid that the front tip has been raised too high. Does the front tip ever move down a little? Is that possible? I just feel like it looks a little fake. Can someone please be honest with me? All my friends and family were against it so its hard to find the support when your all alone on this. :(

Day 2 post op ... swollen eyes and asymmetrical appearance patience is key!!!!!

Hello, I decided to write another review on my progress. My forehead is really really swollen and so are my under eyes but it could be worse. I guess this is normal swelling? I am a bit nervous to see what it will look like. Right now I look like I have this gigantic nose bridge and a bit of a pig nose... I have been reading reviews of people with the same concern and they all say the same thing that it will slowly drop. So I'm really trying to be positive!! Would love to heard from anyone with similar experience? I wasn't told about what to expect afterwards its pretty scary.

Post OP day 3!!

Hello everyone. I been taking Arnica and Bromelain and it seems like with those two the swelling and bruising isn't as bad but its still there. I have medium thick/thin skin. That's what the doctor who performed my surgery told me. So i'm thinking my results will take a little longer.... i'm not patient in the first place. So this is torture!! I want to see what it looks like underneath but I'm terrified to look. The space between my upper lip and nose looks really long. I don't understand that and never even noticed that would be more noticeable with rhinoplasty. But I'm also thinking its because of the swelling? I smile and my upper lip covers most of my upper teeth so i look really funny. I'm praying everything turns out okay.... this was a huge step for me. I did this right before school started which I'll be going back the end of this month. Hopefully the swelling has reduced by then. Please share your experiences!! would love to hear from you all! :)

Pictures pictures pictures!!

Decided to post some pictures today. Post OP day 3. There's a gradual difference between the three days.

Goal. Love her nose and features...

Trying to upload pics but computer won't upload :(

2nd day

Progress pix from Day after surgery to 5 days post op. Hope this helps someone out there. :)

Day 1 (computer won't upload more then 3 pix at a time :( ...)

Day 2 pics

Day 3 - swollen and bruised

Day 4 feeling better :)

Day 5 - first day swelling and bruising has subsided pretty well

Rhinoplasty in Riverside CA - Saved for 5 yrs to get this performed but am seeing flaws in surgery performed

Hello everyone. I thought I would post an update on here since I been kind of embarrassed to post anything now that the swelling has gone down. I got my surgery at Imagine Plastic Surgery in Riverside CA on September 9th, 2013. I had chosen my surgeon because there were few but some good reviews on here and he was also in my price range. I know that people say to not look at the price but I had to consider that because I support myself, am in school and have car payments and student loans. I didn't necessarily go to this doctor just for the price it was actually more so that he had a clean record and over 30 yrs of experience plus he was very warm and professional. The problem with the surgery was that the day of he didn't explain to me what he'd be performing other then a routine Rhinoplasty. I trusted him and went along with it. My results aren't bad. I initiually loved it when the cast was removed and there was still swelling because the bump looked like it was about 80% gone and it just looked great to me. The only issue aside from the hump that I had on the bridge of my nose was that I had a slight bump on my upper right side of my nose that seemed to had swelled up a bit. It hurt so much whenever I pressed my nostrils together or made any pressure it would directly cause my upper right side of my nose to pulse in pain. I thought it was probably the swelling and tried to get my mind off of it. But now that the swelling is almost gone on the bridge of my nose I can feel ridges. TWO ridges to be exact. I will run my finger on the left side of the bridge of my nose and the bone feels smooth and round but when I run my finger of the right side of the bridge of my nose (where there was more pain) there was two bone hard ridges. It feels square and kinda like the corner of a table. It feels like the doctor had rasped the bone and made it square on the right side of my nose instead of smooth and round like the left side. The other part that bothers me a bit is that you can see it in some shadows when I'm outside. Its very slight but when I point it out especially with family they can see that one side of the bridge of my nose is square like. I obviously am really upset and sad especially because I saved for 5 years and had wanted this since I was 13 yrs old. Also the hump on the bridge of my nose is still there was reduced just not completely gone and my nostrils are assymetrical. The left nostril is bigger then the right and its bothering me too. I am just spreading the word here so that people know. Granted he's experienced and very very kind as well as well as his staff are all very sweet and helpful girls but what good is that if he doesn't follow up and there was errors in the surgery. I'm not 100% happy with it but I really am considering a revision.... not now but atleast in 6 mths because the bump that was supposed to be gone is still there and my nostrils aren't even plus those ridges on the right side of my nose are really bothering me.

Follow up appointment with Dr. Hardesty!! 2 months POST OP

Hi everyone! Today I saw Dr. Hardesty which is now about 2 months post op. I was late to my appointment today due to crazy traffic on the fwy. It was incredibly busy at his office today. I actually have never seen it this busy before! Anyway they took pictures today even though I looked terrible in photos from running around. lol. I saw Dr. Hardesty and he asked me how I was and was his cheery usual self. He is probably one of the nicest doctors I've met personality wise but I wasn't sure if he was going to pay attention to my concerns or just tell me its swelling and dismiss me like many doctors I've read about. Surprisingly tho, he listened to me about what I wasn't satisfied about. I told him I was part happy with the results but not too satisfied with some things. I pointed out the unevenness of the nostrils which seem to change daily. Today I noticed that my left nostril shrunk lol so although their uneven their not as uneven as they were last week which makes me wonder if its the swelling or the surgery. So I'm not too worried about it anymore, he told me because its such a slight difference that he recommended not revising it. I then pointed out the bump on the bridge of my nose which is rock hard like bone and expressed my concerns how I was worried it wouldn't shrink with time and he told me that he would be able to rasp it and smooth it out. There wounldn't be a problem but we would need to wait 9 - 12 months before doing any revisions. I pointed out my last concern which bothers me the most actually and that's the shadow effect I'm getting on the right side of my nose from that side being bony and ridged like. It feels square like which casts a shadow on the side of my nose. He told me that it was bruising and that it could possibly go away but we would need to wait at least 9 months. I personally really don't think its bruising but as long as he listened to my concerns and agreed for a possible revision then that's fine with me.

Forgot to mention - make sure Dr. shows you before and after photos and goes over them

Even though I'm most likely getting a revision in a few months. I feel a lot better after seeing him. I'm happy he listened to me and told me he would be able to fix it (at no charge except for anesthesia hospital fee) I had completely forgotten how I looked before so he pulled out the before pictures he took of me the first day of my consult and WOW - yes there is a huge difference in my profile!!! Especially with the tip lift - it looks 100 times better now. The tip lift is my favorite part of the results right now lol even though it was the thing I feared the most after my surgery because no one tells you it will look piggish and fat!! I had to find support from members on here! thank God for you guys I would of panicked and gone crazy because I had no support from friends or family. :(

Rhinoplasty update - Please read if your considering Dr. Hardesty. Honest reviews.

Hi everyone. I'm going to be posting my honest reviews about Dr. Hardesty. As much as I liked him as a doctor. I have to be quite honest with the mistakes I personally made by selecting him. I read in a few other posts online to never take scribbles or drawings when consulting with a doctor about Rhinoplasties but decided to let that go because he informed me that he had done thousands of these surgeries.
I will start with pricing - I paid 5,800 out of pocket. I had saved for 5 yrs for this surgery and had chosen him with little research. Originally over the phone I was quoted 7,200 immediatly with Elizabeth I think her name is. She handles all the fees. But I argued that I was quoted 5,200 back about 2 yrs ago and so we negotiated and he recuded it 5,800. So for any new clients - you'll probably be quotes around 7K and up.

Post Op update *5 months* Originally out of the office I loved my results. There was some assymetry and my nose looked like it was going toward my left side. The bridge of my nose on the right side hurt ALOT. I couldn't even touch it. I'm not sure why this was I'm guessing its because some more force was used on that side. I was out for 2 hours from what my mom told me. Was out sleeping in the post operating room from the anesthesia for about 40 minutes from what the nurse told me so the surgery probably took about 1 hour and 20 minutes or less.

I thought because my request was simple - removal of hump. Slight tip lift. Nothing more. That mistakes would be hard to come across. But I was wrong - really really wrong.

I do agree - Dr. Hardesty is incredibly kind and sweet. But I think he either had a bad morning or rushed my surgery because I am seeing flaws that could of EASILY been avoided.

The right side of nose has a shard ridge on it. The hump wasn't removed all the way - I'm honestly debating whether to have more shaved down or leave it. My tip looks a little bulbous in the front now from the reduction of the dorsal hump so I'm contemplating going to a new surgeon to refine that area. The good news - the left side of my nose doesn't have that shard ridge on it and the tip lift is perfect. I conceal it with makeup and try not to think about it. Under some pictures with friends I can see a slight shadow that casts on the right side of my nose which looks unnatural. The left side of my nose looks good though. I've become a bit insecure about friends sitting to my right side. Although I've still kept this surgery a secret. Picture gave it away and I have caught friends whispering about it. Personally I don't care because their broke and bored. lol

I'm posting picture for people to get a better look at what I'm talking about. I am considering a revision. My next appointment to see Dr. Hardesty is in May but I'm not sure if I want to get a revision with him. I'm really nervous and upset to be honest. It was a simple mistake that could of easily been avoided and revisions are about 2K in anesthesia fees so with the *discount* of 2K that I originally got - I'd be paying full price to get something fixed that was a mistake on the surgeons part.

I still haven't inquired about the Anesthesia fees for a revision but I'm most likely going to go to a new surgeon. I'm really scared to go back. :(

More pictures - 5 months post op

Robert Hardesty

Dr. Hardesty is a very kind doctor. I chose him because of his 30 yrs of experience. The issue I had with him was that there was poor communication and certain flaws are appearing after the rhinoplasty I had done. One side of my nose on my bridge feels square like with a sharp ridge that I can feel when I run my finger across my nose. This also creates a slight shadow on the side of my nose while the other side is smooth and beautiful. Although the results had potential to be just perfect and exactly what I wanted, unfortunately the unevenness of my nose bridge reshaping makes me think other wise. Also doctor failed to follow up and explain what exactly would be performed. Staff is great and very helpful doctor on the other hand won't follow up after surgery unless YOU make the effort to.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Any updates? Have you had revision yet?
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do not do not do not go back to the same doctor if you are unhappy with the results. Just save up your money, do your research and go to someone else.
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Your right thank you. this was such an easily avoidable mistake. I sometimes think it was done on purpose since I did get this surgery on discounted price. Makes me wonder
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the less work the better and to me your results are beautiful, im at 3.5 week post op i hope mine comes out right
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Why thank you. I'm not too sure about mine right now. I kinda want more done.
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I think your results are wonderful. There might be still some swelling so maybe you should wait before you decide to have a revision.
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Hi Panda, I posted on here back in November originally. I think if you do decide to get a revision to go to someone new. I know with my experience that going back to the same surgeon did nothing and made my nose worse. I have a consultation booked in April with a new surgeon. I will not be going back to my original one. He obviously cant fix his mistakes and is only making my nose worse. Its sad because we put our trust in these surgeons and they rush and dont listen and the results arent good. I liked my nose at first too but it wasnt long before my nose started changing and not for the better. Its not fair that we have to keep going back under the knife because of the surgeons mistakes. I too didnt do alot of research when I chose my surgeon. I was sucked in by his advertising and his price which was cheaper then the other quotes I got. If you still decide that you want to see this guy in May for a follow up maybe book some consults in the mean time with other plastic surgeons and get their opinions and find out why your nose is how it is now. Your nose looks good but I understand your frustration with the bone sticking out on the right side. That would annoy me too.
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Hi Kitty1723!!! Yes I remember you!! Thank you for reading my post. I'm sorry about your results. I can personally understand why you would want to go to a new surgeon. This is a complicated surgery and unfortunately not everyone is experienced enough. I really thought mine was easy compared to others. Just having to shave down the bone. It's obvious mine didn't take his time. One side sticks out and it really really bothers me!!!! I too agree with selecting a new surgeon. My mother said the same thing she liked him at first but she thinks perhaps a student of his performed mine. (He never followed up with me). I'm sorry it didn't turn out well for you!!!! I hope the new surgeon you select will be more qualified and be able to help you. :)
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Thanks Panda and good luck with whatever you decide to do. :)
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i love your results! it really suits your eyes :)
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Aww thank you!! :)
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your result can b tweaked with fillers. at his cost, not yours. he seemed a little aggressive in the middle of your nose. go look at my before pictures you will see I have it much worse. good luck! your nose is still gorgeous and amazing seriously! you are much luckier than you even know
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Hi Tracy. Thanks for the suggestion I didn't even think about fillers or the middle. It did cross my mind that it was a little too shaved in the middle but it doesn't bother me too much. I'm worried that once I go in to have the nose bridge bone shaved down more to give it a clean line that it will make the middle look more steep then it is right now. I was praying this was just a ONE time surgery but unfornunately its not. :( I'm about 70% satisfied with it so I'm not freaking out but I'm not entirely happy with it.
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so exactly what are you wanting different? sorry if this is repetitive
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Just a tiny bit more shaved down for the upper bridge. :)
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okay that's what I thought. But if you talk to him about fillers in the middle you will not have to have the upper part shaved off because the middle will rise up to meet it and it should be perfectly straight with a great result
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Hmmm I think you might be right. I'll talk to him about fillers. I guess I'd want a more permanent solution so I don't have to keep seeing him but that would be cartilage grafting. I need the tip to go down to see how my nose balances with my face so I think i'll wait for now. But your right fillers might just be the solution so i'll talk to him.
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there are permanent fillers! however its been suggested to use a temp filler first to decide on a permanent one. good luck! I learned a lot about it on the internet
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I didn't know this. Thank you so much! I'll ask him when i go see him in a few mths.
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Hey girl, Have you called the office and told they you arent happy? Go back and talk to the surgeon and tell him your not happy. Im sure he will offer a revision for free and fix his errors. Check out my blog on here about my rhinoplasty struggles. I had to go back 3x to my surgeon and Im still not 100% happy. I dont understand why they dont get it right the first time around. None of us want to go under the knife again and again because of thier mistakes. Either way though you are very pretty before and after with your new nose but I totally understand where your coming from.
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Hi :) thanks I read your post a few weeks ago and I know what you are going through. Wow I guess revisions are much more common now a days. I'm not sure if the doctor was rushing but the right side of my nose still hurts so I need to talk to him about it. I wonder if it was possible that he accidentally fractured the bone because the ridges that feel sharp hurt. Thankfully its not TOO noticeable unless I point it out to family they can see it. I haven't talked to him yet but I know he seemed against the fence about performing revisions by the initial consultation saying that he performs it only on scars that are obvious from an open rhinoplasty. I get the feeling my follow up which is in 2 days will most likely be dismissed. I hate to be negative but that was just the impression I got from him. I don't get why they don't get it right the first time.... the only comfort I have is that its not too notiacble when I wear makeup and none of my friends have noticed or so I think. Ugh thanks for understanding girl. I'm pretty upset and have mixed feelings. Days I love it then days that I am depressed about the outcome not being flawless.
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Let me know how the follow up goes and what he suggests. My surgeon wouldnt work on my nose until a year after my surgery. Good luck!
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I completely relate to this!!! I think it takes time to see everything as it is supposed to be but that it will never be completely perfect. I wish my nose was a bit more sloped and projected out less but I also don't know if I want to go through the process again and possibly compromise my breathing or something else. I think your nose looks great and natural which is the point however your doctor does owe you to remove the bump if that's what was discussed in all your meetings? Have you talked to him since about your concern? Perhaps the bump is scar tissue built up? Would you go back to the same doctor or try someone new?? Good luck and keep us all updated!!
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Hi Enawena :) did you recently have surgery? I totally understand that you wouldn't want to go through the process again. I don't either!! I asked the doctor for natural and defined during my meetings and showed him photos or women with natural shaped noses with normal slopes. I guess he tried to replicate the photo but failed to shave the hump more. Going to someone new right now I don't think its worth it. He tends to fall more on the conservative side with his surgery so I don't think its necessary to go to a revision specialist UNLESS he screws up the second time and makes me look super fake then I'll be devastated. UGh... the decisions we have to make!!!
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I had surgery 2 months ago and I too am about 90% happy. My advice to you and anyone not completely happy is just to wait it out. Wait 6 months before you start thinking/wanting revisions. Give your nose some time to settle down and let the swelling of the tissues come down. My nose is still very tender to the touch so if it still hurts, there has to be some swelling. I have also realized nothing will be perfect but that doesnt even make it less disappointing. It is much better than what we had before so that has to count for something. Good luck! I will keep following your thread.
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