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HI..its been 4weeks since ive had a breast...

HI..its been 4weeks since ive had a breast augmentation done..I was very excited and happy so then the big day came.everything went well I was sure I was going to get what ive been wanting..I had been thinking of getting a boob job over a year..As soon as I woke up from surgery first thing I did was looked down right away I thought 2 myself "what ! is this it ?! My friend that drove me had said that they looked nicely filled up..he was right at home I looked in the mirror..they looked great! i took pics and send them to my best friend she said I looked great ! 2weeks went by I noticed the swelling went down..3weeks I took of the surgical brawl and started wearing sport brawls I couldnt believe how small my breast had gotten, they no longer look full or round..I asked for a full C and it looks like I have a B/full B its now 4 weeks and sadly its been depressing..In order for my breast to look fuller my sports brawls/brawls need to have padding and I hate it that was the last thing I wanted to do after getting my breast done ..I do blame myself I should off done more research but the dr.should have expaline better..I was confussed with the whole ccs and how they look on diferrent body types..my friend had told me to get a dcup she did mentioned that they will go down.. im a petite lady the letter D had scared me..this past week has been sad, I dont lke what i see in the mirror.. i was suppose to feel better about myself.. my self esteem has gone down. I blame no one but myself. Im mas and sad at the same time.

Pinkstarxo. If you do not like your breasts talk to the surgeon. My surgeon told me that if I was not happy with mine he would put larger implants in after a 6 months. I could only go as large as 550cc ultra high, but when I came out of recovery said oh my I thought they would be larger. PS said I would have to pay for the implants and nothing else. I ended up being extrealy happy. He was very happy for me as well at my last opointment. Now its almost been one month post op. My breast are bigger and fuller on the bottom, I don't want any bigger. Holy Crap they are big enough. But after surgery I could not see them getting bigger. But the swelling went down and now they are dropping and filling out. Just as your PS if he would consider doing this. I belive a good PS would stand behind his work to make the Patient happy. I would try. I know it may cost you a few extra bucks but in the long run if your not happy it really doesn't do any harm to insist on larger. What size did you say you wanted to be and what size were you from the start, saline or silicone? The sizers in the office should have told you just about the complete story, except for the fact everyone has a different body and you may not look like the next person. How you start from the begining is how your going to end up at the end only larger. If you were to stand in the mirror before PS and look at yourself, that is exactly what you will look like after.. But now you have larger breasts. Because your friend has the same size she won't look the same unless she has the same breast bone and measurments. I'm shocked your PS did not explain that to you. Well just try to seek some sort of comfort from the PS. Keep me posted. : ) I'm sure you look great.
I'm sorry you aren't happy! I'm in Riverside also. Hope this isn't the Dr. I hope to use :(

I'm sorry you're not happy with your size. Do you think you'll be seeking a revision in the future?

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My best friend had her boobs done threw the same dr. her boobs look great nice and full..shes happy! that should give u an idean on why I choose this dr.

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