My Breast Augmentation 1 Year Ago - Rivers, UK

I had my breasts done just over 1 year ago, after...

I had my breasts done just over 1 year ago, after my 6 month check up I was told the crease would disappear in my right breast. However a year on it is still very obvious that you can see the implant. I had done my research before my op and chose a well known, very popular surgeon.
I went back around 9months after and spoke to my surgeon and he said there wasn't much he could do for me, as its the natural crease in my breast and I will have to live with it.
I feel my right breast sits a good 1.5cm lower than my left breast, It also feels uncomfortable and almost heavy/achy.
Please see my photos .. I appreciate any feedback.


Thanks for getting in contact. I did the same and was told to massage them with bio oil but I think this was to help with scarring and to soften them. It's been over a year and I'm still not completely happy, I'm almost worried to go back to see my P.S again! I feel my right breast has maybe dropped too much as when I lift my arms above my head there is still a crease! I haven't posted any of my pics or Q's to the Dr's on here no, but I think that will give me some good feedback! Did you? X
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Hi, I'm the one that Wow63 was talking about. Mine looks very similar to yours, but was much worse at first. I began massaging it 3 times a day with Bio Oil or Vitamin E. Not sure if that helped, or if it was just the dropping of the implant that made the difference but it is way better. Far from perfect, however and similar to yours. My PS insisted at my last appt. (3 weeks post op) that it would go away (as did yours). I'm doubtful at this point, as I feel I don't have much more dropping to do yet. DId you ever post your pictures/questions to any of the drs on the forum?
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I know someone that has had a similar result and has seen a huge improvement. She would like to speak to you. She couldn't find your review here. I told here about you when I found your review last night and then I couldn't find you again either - until now - so, if you would like you may private message me and we can figure a way to get the two of you communicating?? I do not know how to search for you on this website. Your name wont find you.
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