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I purchased lunineers to close a gap in my bottom...

I purchased lunineers to close a gap in my bottom front teeth. The claim was that my teeth would not have to be altered and I wouldnt have to be numbed. Both claims are untrue. Also the claim was that they would be long lasting. not true. i have had to return several times to have them replaced and when the warranty expires i dont know what i will do because I will not be able to afford to have them replaced so often. the dentist says that i have a heavy bite, but the advertisements say nothing about if you have a heavy bite, lunineers may not be for you. I am completely dissatisfied and I am consulting legal counsel to see what course of action may be available in response to the false advertising which my decision to get lumineers was based on.
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I'm sorry to hear that you've had so much trouble with your Lumineers.  What is a heavy bite?  I've heard of people with bruxism (grinding) destroying their veneers, but I've never heard of a heavy bite before.  People with bruxism usually have to get a guard to protect their teeth (even regular teeth).  Has your doctor offered you something like that?

Thank you!

Oh, and BTW, it'd be great if we could see a picture.  Especially if there is some damage to the veneers.
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No grinding teeth. I think my dentist meant I chew hard. No offers for any thing.
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Are your Lumineers damaged again at this point or are they nice because you just had them redone?
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Heavy bite and bruxism go hand in hand. You don't need to generate much force to still have significant wearing down of teeth (the Grand Canyon was cut with water). No prep Lumineers is never an option on lower teeth. The lower teeth touch the uppers. If you add material there, then all you would hit on are the lumineers. The only options are to reduce some lower tooth structure or add material to ALL lower teeth to even out the bite forces. If you seek legal action, take it up with DenMat (makers of Lumineers), as they are the ones with vague advertising. However, I don't think you will get very far and waste a lot of time and money.
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Thank you for the clarification on both the heavy bite and the lower teeth issue, Dr. Timmerman!  :)
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