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I purchased lunineers to close a gap in my bottom...

I purchased lunineers to close a gap in my bottom front teeth. The claim was that my teeth would not have to be altered and I wouldnt have to be numbed. Both claims are untrue. Also the claim was that they would be long lasting. not true. i have had to return several times to have them replaced and when the warranty expires i dont know what i will do because I will not be able to afford to have them replaced so often. the dentist says that i have a heavy bite, but the advertisements say nothing about if you have a heavy bite, lunineers may not be for you. I am completely dissatisfied and I am consulting legal counsel to see what course of action may be available in response to the false advertising which my decision to get lumineers was based on.


I'm not sure why anyone would have told you that your natural teeth would not need to be altered or that you would not want a numbing agent. That's crazy. I looked at the alteration of my natural teeth this way - the reason I was considering the Lumineers in the first place was because I was noticing that people's natural teeth start to look pretty beat between age 40-50, even if they're healthy. Once people get much older than that, many of their natural teeth have been lost, altered, or are just plain ugly. If you want nice teeth your whole life, you'll have your natural teeth altered at some point anyway - may as well just start now. :)
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Lumineers require, like any cosmetic dental procedure, a practiced and expert touch. The problem I see most frequently with Lumineers is they do tend to be far more fragile than other veneers. It requires a lot of practice and a lot of skill to do veneers properly, and this is doubly true for Lumineers.
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Yes I had the problem with my lumineer . I will not recommend lumineer to anyone. I had gum pain after having lumineer and it cracking easily.
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