Rip Off!!

Like most of the reviews, I had the same,...

Like most of the reviews, I had the same, horrible, extremely painful, disgusting experience. The staff is rude, uncaring and unprofessional. After being in bed for 3 days, and making numerous phone calls, they prescribed tramadol, which made me nautious. These people are really pathetic!! I paid $4,000.00 for lower abdomen and love handles. I am very athletic and not over weight. After 6 excruciating treatments, I had lost 0 inches (I didn't gain any weight either!). They refused to refund my money unless I went through another 3 treatments, which I did to get my money back. I have been fighting with them over their money back guarantee now for months!!! Short of suing them, I'm just out $4K and a year of pain. DON'T DO THIS UNLESS YOU LIKE PAIN AND HAVE MONEY TO BURN!! I have had botox, radiesse, restylane and laser peels - all were a piece of cake compared to this. I've also had 3 major abdominal surgeries and I'd do that any day of the week before I'd ever let these goons inject me with their poison.
Sorry to hear about your experience. I just had lipo dissolve yesterday out here in Glendale at Nu U Medspa. I am doing my love handles and lower back a little. It's costing me 1800.00. They injected me yesterday in my lower back to ensure I can tollerate the stuff, so far so good. Some swelling, one bruise, but no big deal. My concern was that the girl doing the injections was about 24 years old, and only an LPN. I asked where she got her license and she told me Maricopa Skills Center. I about died. But she is working on her RN from home (young mother of two). She's been doing the procedure there at NU U for two months. I hope this works out.....
I agree with you 100%. I had lipodissolve in August and still have not seen any results. As a matter of fact, I think my legs are bigger now than they were before I got the injections. I would never go through this horrifying experience again. It is so not worth it. I will just be satisfied with God gave me and never do this again!
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