Right for my Legs, Wrong for my Bikini Line

I have had laser hair removal on my underarms and...

I have had laser hair removal on my underarms and my legs. It’s amazing and a total improvement over shaving and waxing. No more ingrown hairs or stubble brushing against my boyfriend at the wrong time.

All told it took about a year to get the full results, going back for six or seven sessions every month or two. The sessions became less frequent as time went on. Now I still get hair coming back but it’s more of a maintenance thing than anything else. If I know I’m going somewhere special then I can go for a touch-up. I think I may also go in a few months when summer comes.

Saying all that about how much I love it, it did hurt and I’d be hesitant to have it done somewhere like my bikini line. They wouldn’t let me use numbing cream because it apparently messes up the laser so I can’t imagine an hour of zaps “down there.” Eek!

So yes, it does hurt, but not too bad. When the laser is over the hair follicle it hurts but as soon as it’s removed then everything’s okay again. I was red and a bit tingly and sensitive for a few days after each treatment (especially on my legs because my skin is surprisingly sensitive down there around my calves) but after that it was fine. That’s another reason I wouldn’t want to get my bikini line done though. Having jeans rubbing against a raw area on my legs was bad enough, but underwear? No thanks!

Still, I can recommend it for the areas you dare to make raw because it is worth it!
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I had purchased a Groupon for $99 for 3 sessions on a small area. Of course I chose my bikini area. I didn't think it hurt at all. There were a couple spots that felt like a quick rubber band snap but for the most part it was pain free. I was so happy with even 1 treatment I purchased a package for my lower legs. I have had a histamine reaction there which sadly lasts several days but even after 1 treatment I barely had to shave all month. I have heard there are different kinds of lasers so research and more anything get a referral. I'm finding it interesting my place says space your treatments about 4 weeks apart but other people said they were to go longer like 10 weeks? All in all 2 treatments on my bikini area & 1 on my leg and I couldn't be happier!
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I take two tablets of Tylenol about 30 minutes prior to going in for treatment for my full bikini. This helps with the pain. I have Asian skin (light yellowish, but some darker patches in more intimate areas). The lady uses diode laser with appropriate setting (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT-- not just the laser type, but also the laser setting) for doing my bikini line. Sure, it hurts really bad, and sometimes my skin gets bumps (allergic histamine reaction, according to the lady), but these go down after a few hours, and the redness is gone within a few days maximum. The key is going to an experienced aesthetician/doctor which is associated with a professional dermatologist practice-- they use medical grade lasers. You must get a consultation before hand because different parts of your body have different hair depths, even the frontal part of your bikini may respond differently than your vulval/labial areas, so your laser hair removal person may need to use different settings. Clarify all this with him or her. If you can see a professional dermatologist for your consultation, that would be even better. If you can, ask to see their license, don't be shy. Look up their reviews at various websites.... and remember, this is your skin. Don't go and get laser without being informed of the settings. In general, if you have darker skin on your labial areas, yet lighter paler skin on the frontal bikini areas and thighs, then you should make sure that your laser hair removal person is using a Nd:YAG (or in some cases, diode) on your labial darker areas, and using diode on your frontal areas. OR, if you have very pale skin and dark hair, then using Alexandrite. BE INFORMED of all the different types of lasers...

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I am getting this done too and agree with most of what you said but I AM using numbing cream. There is no problem using it and you should double check with the clinic. I know you need to wipe it off before treatment but its' effects last way past the time you need it. I have never had any problems (anywhere) after with irritation from clothing and have never had "raw" skin issues. It sounds like they are setting the laser at too high a setting for your skin type. Mention it to them the next time you go in- that shouldn't be happening. Oh- and as far as the time it takes to do the bikini- it is just a few minutes- not an hour. I am getting great results with it. Good luck!
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Thanks for sharing your experience. I have been trying to decide whether I should get laser hair removal along my bikini line, and your insight really helps. If anyone has had a good experience with laser hair removal on their bikini line, please share.
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You will be fine if you use numbing cream. Ask before you go what the clinic/doctor recommends. There are many kinds out there- you may want to research it a bit as you can pay $10 or $50 depending on what you get. Also check ingredients if you have skin allergies. You should be fine with most anything if you don't have super sensitive skin (I do and can use most stuff). Also, if they tell you you can't use numbing cream- go to a different place!!! There is no reason not to use it- you need to wipe it off before the treatment but it will last long and strong if you use it correctly- put it on thickly and put plastic wrap over it. (Be careful not to do this on too many areas at once or you could have problems- some people have apparently died from complications but they had the cream ALL over themselves.) I have been getting "zapped" for over a year now- I have a lot to do- and the numbing cream is great. Even without it the pain is minor and if you use ice before and after then there won't be much swelling and redness after and it won't hurt! GO for it! It is SO worth it!!
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it takes such dedication to get rid of hair with laser hair removal! i guess i thought lasers were super fast...zip, zap, gone.  thx xena for telling it like it is.  i'm going to get laser treatment on just my upperlip. see how it goes.   

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