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I'm having a "Tuck&Fluff" on the...

I'm having a "Tuck&Fluff" on the 16th and the only person who knows the truth is my husband who is absolutely behind me no matter what I do, as for the rest of the extended family,well lets just say that they would be against it for several reasons and none would have to do with my health.I would absoluetly be the talk of the family for years to come and it would all be behind my back. I don't have a family member to talk to about all the anxiety,excitment or fears but full speed ahead. I'm doing this for me!


Hoping to hear some wonderful things about your surgery and recovery. How are you?
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Mommy, I know exactly how you feel. My family isn't supportive of anything I do o I am selective of what I share. You have to do this for you. Feel free to call me family.
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u do what u want i keep tellin my self that 2
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