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Only Tx That Helped with Cystic Acne - Richmond, VA

I have suffered with cystic acne for many years....

I have suffered with cystic acne for many years. Hormonal related acne which affected mostly my T-sone areas. Isolaz is the only treatment that has made a significant difference. I had a series of four treatments and after a month, I really noticed that my breakouts were significantly less frequent and less severe. NO cystic acne flare ups! when I break out now, it clears up in a matter of a couple of days versus 10 - 14 days. Be sure to find a qualified doctor to do the treatments. Not painful but slight discomfort like the snap of a rubberband...very minmimal.

Um, hormonal acne is not on the T Zone, so I find it hard to believe your post is real. Do you blog for Isolaz or something?
I just came across this site and I have to take issue with what you said. I am 50 years and absolutely have hormonal cystic acne in my t zone; I just had a pimple that hung around for a month on the bridge of my nose and frequently get them on my chin and nose. If that's not the t zone I don't know what is.

Hi Richmond,

Welcome to the community. I can't even imagine how thrilled you are to have your cystic acne under control. Do you know if you will have to do this your whole life or will the acne eventually go away? Would you also be comfortable sharing pictures? Please keep us updated.

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Dr. James Robinson

very competent, knowledgable and professional. would highly recommend to others.

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