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Pros: a cost-effective way to look 10 years...

Pros: a cost-effective way to look 10 years younger quickly.

Cons: some buising and swelling, but nothing unbearable. Also, I have very sensitive skin, and whatever they cleaned by face with before the injections has caused my cheeks to become red, inflamed, dry and flaky. I am sure this is not from the filler.

Price above is per syringe

I do like the results around my eyes, but next time I will not let her clean my whole face with that stuff.

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I would also like to know the name of the doctor you used. Thanks!
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Dr. Nadia Blanchet on Forest Hill
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I would love to get the Doctor's name as well. Did you ever post any pictures?
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Hi Richmond,

Welcome to the Restylane community! What prompted you to have the procedure done? I'm glad everything worked out, well aside from the cleaner, but now you know for next time. Is this something you will continue with in the future? Pictures would be awesome if you have them. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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Hi Britt,

I had my follow-up today with my plastic surgeon and things are going well. I do have some minor bruising under my right eye, but it's fading.

The red, inflamed cheeks are almost gone -- still a little red though. The doc feels that it was probably the lidocaine cream that did it. The nurse put it on my whole face and then cleaned my whole face with some strong-smelling cleaner so I think it was probably a little of both. Next time I will only let them do it in the area where the needle will go in.

I originally went to see the surgeon because I have some minor acne scarring. I ended up having the tear troughs filled in because it was suggested.

I love they way my eyes look and I think it's something I will do again when needed. She used Perlayne and said it would last up to 2 years.

I do not have any good before and after pictures, but my surgeon took some. I won't go back again for another month, but I'll see if I can get copies from her
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HI Richmond,

Thanks so much for the added info. This will be really great for the community.  That's good that your doctor had an idea what might have made you red so at least when you go back you they won't put it on your face again. Please keep us updated.



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hi can I have the name of the doctor. thanks
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I'd like the Doctor's name as well.
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