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I just had my first IPL for brown spots. I am half...

I just had my first IPL for brown spots. I am half Italian-half Irish. Dark hair, light complexion. I had two test patches done within the two weeks prior. I asked for this, as I was nervous about having anything done to my face.

I can tell you without hesitation: DO NOT do this procedure without a test patch. Both times the IPL settings, though typical/normal for most people, were too strong for me and burned my skin. I was very sensitive to the IPL--very atypical, but thank goodness we knew that before the procedure. I went to a doctor who was cautious and did not want to proceed until we had the right settings. I can definitely see how people would get burned and get awful results! Had the full treatment today, and it looks nothing like the patches did.

I would NEVER do this anyplace but a physicians office. With that said, I am not sure how much of a result I will see, since it was such a low setting, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. Right now, I have the "coffee grounds" marks on my face, and no red or pink. But some of my brown spots don't look like they are darkening, so I am not sure whether they picked up the light or not. Will update my post as I heal.


Hi Ames, 

Great advice all around. I think often times the community forgets about test patches and as you said they are soooo important. I'm glad you did them and then went to someone who was so adamant about the right setting. How did things turn out, as it's been well over a month? 



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