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I had several sessions of Zeltiq spread over...

I had several sessions of Zeltiq spread over spring & summer 2011. Large and smaller applicator applied to upper and lower abdomen, flanks/waist left n right, plus upper and lower back bulges. Even inner thighs. The doctor marked me and a technician applied the applicators each visit. Probably about 30 pounds overweight at the time, apple shaped figure and my torso has been trouble for me my entire life. I considered lipo, but was drawn to the noninvasive aspect of this procedure w/ little down time as I am a healthcare professional w/ not much time off.

The office was clean and pretty, and more than happy to put hands in my wallet. A fool & his money are quickly parted, and this surgeon should have told me I was probably a better candidate for traditional lipo w/ my BMI at the time of service. I kept going back because initially it did seem like a bit came off, but in the end, nada. Procedure didn't hurt, just odd. Did have some itchiness and pins and needles on/off for about a week afterwards. Perhaps some mild cramping as well.

I have since revved up my home exercise routine and gotten on some topical hormone supplements and the weight seems to be moving off now. I am saving my money & my vacation time for the regular old liposuction to take care of whatever hateful fat rolls remain in the future.

Oh yeah, after spending all that money, each time I went back the doctor didn't even remember who I was or that I had it done previously. blah. He even recommended that I consider having it done on spots we had already done a few weeks before!

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12 weeks and not a millimeter lost. Severe bruising on my flanks, more like burns. $2500 and nothing. I was told I was the ideal weight and ideal candidate. My practitioner claims I am the only person she's seen with no result. Don't waste your $$

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dessertsnowmaker: thank you for taking the time to post. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with CoolSculpting. It sounds like your physician didn't fully explain the procedure, or really determine if you were a good candidate. I hate that for you.

I'm glad to hear that you have lost weight and are feeling better. Do bear in mind that even though you don't feel like you got optimal results, at least SOME of those fat cells ARE gone now from your CoolSculpting. I'm sure it wasn't a total waste.

All the best to you!

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Thank you for your encouraging, positive response Dr. Andy.
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You should have lost that 30 lbs before you went. This is not a weight loss procedure. It is for folks who have gotten down to their goal weight but still have pockets of stubborn fat, due to genetics.
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re Pufferpink -
1. it is the doctor's primary responsibility to truthfully inform the patient at the initial consult whether they think a procedure will benefit or not. I was told I would benefit from Zeltiq or regular liposuction, whatever I chose to do. When they were applying the applicator all they kept saying was how I was the perfect candidate.
2. I have seen the other before/after photos of other patients on RealSelf that have had Zeltiq done and some of them appear to be the same weight as I was, if not more, and got much better results with one tx.
3. If you read my review I stated that my middle has ALWAYS been the main area I carry my weight since I was a kid (thus genetics). I wasn't expecting this to be a weight loss tool, I was expecting it to lessen the bulges somewhat.
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typo...Pufferpunk not pink
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Pufferpunk~ I am sort of curious about your comment about "pockets of stubborn fat, due to genetics." I'm not aware of any journal articles that describe this phenomenon. To me, to be honest, that phrase sounds like a marketing phrase that helps potential consumers feel as though dieting/exercise would never help them so if they want any changes, this or that procedure would!
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