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It is vital that you select a board certified...

It is vital that you select a board certified plastic surgeon. Do your research & don't bargain hunt....this is NOT the area in which you want to "clip coupons". I cannot stress the importance of being extremely clear with what it is you're looking for from the get-go. If at any time you are uncertain about anything or if your needs have changed - you need to be sure to talk with the surgeon as soon as possible BEFORE SURGERY. Ask about the size she/he recommends for you, ask to actually hold a sample implant & compare sizes. If you have a conflicting opinion on the size - speak up right then, don't wait.

After my first BA surgery in late July, I truly regretted not speaking with my surgeon directly about the size that was selected for me. At my pre-op appointment I was shown various size implants & was told by the nurse a certain size had already been ordered for me. When I looked at the sample implant of the size ordered, I'd mentioned it was too small & that I'd need bigger. The originally ordered implants were used & overfilled but unfortunately were still too small. I was so unhappy, extremely depressed & upset. (This is where going with a board certified surgeon comes into play.) After expressing my feelings about the results, the surgeon happily agreed to a revision surgery.

Unfortunately, I had do dish out more money to cover bigger implants - but had I pushed for bigger implants at my pre-op, a revision surgery may not have been necessary. It's been almost 3 weeks since my revision surgery & I am very happy with the results. My surgeon & his staff were very supportive & professional throughout the entire process.

One more important bit of advice is - be patient. I've seen several surgeons on this site say it over & over again & it's true. It's easy to look at the immediate outcome & become worried, but unless there is something so obviously wrong....just continue with the post op appointments, keep the communication open with your surgeon & allow your body to heal. Best wishes!

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Thank you for sharing your experience here on RealSelf. You have lots of good input for other ladies about to go through surgery and I couldn't agree more: communicate with your surgeon. It's so important! This is not the time to be mousy. Speak up!

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Thank you so much for your advice. I think that we all know that we should speak up, but the process can be so intimidating. I will definetly keep your words in my mind as I continue interviewing surgeons.
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