Rhytec Portrait Plasma

I have had two low energy rhytec portrait plasma...

I have had two low energy rhytec portrait plasma procedures. It is tooo early to comment on results. All that has been written and advertised is untrue in regards to the degree of pain from the procedure. I was given numbing cream and a sedative @ 1.5 joules and found the procedure to be extremely uncomfortable, the second procedure the doc upped to 1.7 joules. This procedure is extremely painful.Also, the downtown is not as short as advertised, took 10 days to peel @ low energy and was still pink @ 13 days.

I had this procedure done in June 2008 to improve acne scars and chest wrinkles. I have had a lot of experience with trying to improve my skin since I was a kid. When I was 13, my mother took me to a derm who squeezed a cyst on my cheek and created a HUGE scar. Along with that, I developed "ice-pick" scars as a teen on my cheeks and forehead. I should add that I am a fair-skinned hispanic from the SW. When I was 30, I had a dermabrasion. Ouch! I had great results for all the "ice-pick" scars. My skin texture was perfect except for the scar on my cheek. The Dr. treated that area again. Ouch, again. It diminished the depth and hard edges but increased the diameter of it. For years after that I regularly went in for collagen injections to plump up that area. I think I went to every derm and plastic surgeon in town for collagen, trying to find the one who could smooth out this flaw that has impacted my self-esteem so terribly throughout my life. I finally found one. She hit the scar with collagen from every angle. She would adjust the light several times. She was an artist. For the first time in my life, my skin was beautiful. Then she moved. Her replacement injected me and hit a vein, turned my cheek purple and created another HUGE scar. Okay, now I have to fill that one in too. Through the years, I have had to train my derm on how to inject me. I demand that he give me two-three days to inject me- not just one appt. no charge either. I insist he move the light to see the shadows of the scars. I insist I get a discount. I keep up with what procedures might work for me and discuss it with him at every appt. V-beam, CO2, Restylane, ...No, won't help you, not enough research, not for your skin type, etc. Finally, this spring, he said Fraxel. I said Portrait plasma. He said, let me research it for you because I don't know much about it and I don't know the Dr. who's doing it in town. Soon afterward, he called me and cautioned me. I went ahead and did it because it sounded like a final solution to collagen. Well, she missed some spots and had to redo (no charge)2months later. Ouch X 10! It's been 6 months since Portrait. I am now 45. I did this for a permanent solution for the scars, for the wrinkles on my chest from years of skiing, for tightening of my jawline and eyelids. Has it helped? Yes and no. I don't know. My skin looks great! But I don't know if it's from Portrait. The wrinkles on my chest have improved , my eyelids have lifted, my "waddle" under my chin and jawline look better and the texture of my skin overall is smoother and brighter. BUT I get micropeels every 4 weeks (She scrapes my face with a razor and applies the exfoliant(tricloral acidic acid?). I use great skin care (Serious Skin Care -13years and now Meaningful Beauty). I take skin vitamins and I exercise my face (yeah, I know, sounds weird). They say it takes a year to see an improvement with Portrait, so I will wait until then to render my thumbs up or down. Here's the bottom line: IT'S YOUR SKIN!! Spend time making a "pile" of appts. Free consultations, recommendations from friends, research the web (ie, your state medical board, new procedures) keep a notebook, jot down questions, remarks, how your skin has changed, reacted to products,etc. Once you find a Dr who can answer your questions, go slow before you do something harmful or expensive. You have to form a relationship with this person. They see people every day who don't know what they want and within two minutes have to advise them on a procedure. Go in with knowledge about your skin. Lastly, know that acceptance is free. Good Luck
Who was the doctor who treated you, who you liked who moved?
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