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At 48 years old, I had a problem with eyeliner...

At 48 years old, I had a problem with eyeliner smudging. I've worn black eyeliner since I was old enough to wear makeup so I decided I would make it permanent.

It looks good, and while it's nice to not have to bother with eyeliner, it bothers me to never be able to see myself without any makeup at all. Ladies, really think before you leap. You will never, ever see your fresh faced self again.

Is it awful, no, do I wish I hadn't done it? Yes and no. If I had it to do again I would chose not to.


When you reach over 40... as women we know what we want. We tend to look washed out and have busy lives so permanent makeup is the greatest! I would never ever want mine off. :)
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I absolutely love my permanent eyeliner. I have hand tremors and couldn't apply eyeliner anymore without it looking messy. Would I do it again? I definitely would. I am 55 years old.
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I also love my permanent makeup. I have had my eyeliner, eyebrows, lips and blush done. I wake up all the time looking beautiful. As I am getting older I looked washed out. This was perfect! I save time and money and look beautiful ALL the time! I went to Diane's Permanent Makeup in Warwick, RI. She did an awesome job!
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