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I'm going for 400cc silicone moderate profile....

I'm going for 400cc silicone moderate profile... I weight 123, my height is 5'3. I would like to know what bra size I will be for those that already got them done. Need to know if I picked the right size. My size right now is a 34 A cup.

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Hi I read a lot of realself . I looked for pics of women my size . I also looked at others where u can put size a in and to what size u want and see pics of woman . My dr also picked my size and didn't tell me to see what I would pick when I tried on the sizers . I picked the size she thought was the size she felt was a good size . I hope this helps u . Good luck !
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Size is a big deal and one of the main things on every lady's mind who's going into this. Here's what some doctors have to say about choosing the right size for you.

I hope you'll keep us posted on what you decide to do!

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