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Rhinoplasty...small Bump on Tip of Nose?

I got rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago, to remove a bump on...

I got rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago, to remove a bump on my nose and also push it back because it was sticking out too much at the tip. I was told I had really thick skin on my nose and the final result would take around 3 years to settle in. I had a cast on for a week.

I have a small bump on the tip of my nose..it's kind of hard..is this normal? im 2 weeks out of rhinoplasty surgery.

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Hi Redhead,

I am experiencing something very similar to what you described. A kind of small lump on the nose tip. I am already 3+months post closed rhino but the bump appeared right after the surgery. I am wondering how things went in your case. please let me know of your experience. - thx cmakmh@yahoo.com
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who was your doctor?
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