Rhinoplasty -uneven Nostril and Bumps on Bridge.

I had a rhinoplasty , and deviated septum to...

I had a rhinoplasty , and deviated septum to repair my breathing. 2 weeks after i took off my cast , i noticed that my nostrils were uneven . And also,3 weeks ago i noticed tiny bumps next on the upper right and left of my nose. I have a nostril higher up and wider than the other , although everything else seems to be going fine. I called the doctor and he said that it was completely normal if it looks croocked and if they are unequal and if i see bumps, but honestly i am worried because they have been there for several weeks. I am 1 month and 10 days now. i had it done one the 5th of july 2010 .


Be patient as it takes about 7 months for the swelling to fully go down. It's the only way to know where you are.
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Other RealSelf users have asked questions about bumps after rhinoplasty as well. You can see doctor answers here. I completely understand your desire to want all the information now, but it does look like a game of wait and see for a while.

Please keep us posted on how you're healing.

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According to the doctors who helped someone else in your situation, uneven nostrils can be caused by swelling and may even out over time: Too soon after surgery to be worried about uneven nostrils?

Rhinoplasty recovery seems like it takes forever. Hang in there! Hopefully things will get better as the swelling subsides. Good luck!

BTW, you can also post your question to our Doctor Q&A forum for insight from doctors.

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