Round Tip and Bone out on my Brigde

I had a closed rhinoplasty three and a half months...

I had a closed rhinoplasty three and a half months ago to raise, reduce the tip and also the bump. Three months after appeared a white spot on the brige left side, i went to the doctor and he said it was a bone which he has to rasp very easy surgery but after two months because its too early, I like the new profile but the tip front has not been much change to what i had before its big, round and wide like a clown, doctor said take about 6 and 12 months for see the final results what could i do if after 12 months my tip has the same shape? is 4 months after my nose job and the swelling is the same has not reduced anything

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Hmm, seems like a lot of the swelling should be gone by now, but it could still be. Your new profile looks great.

In any case, most doctors advise you to wait a year before seeking revision. You might want to check out our rhinoplasty revision community and see what you think.

Please keep us posted!

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