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My daughter, Megan always wanted to have the bump...

My daughter, Megan always wanted to have the bump on the top of her nose fixed. See did and is very happy that it looks so natural.

I think Meghans nose looked great in the video- still very natural. I would LOVE to see what it looks like now!

Hi Tammy,

Thanks so much for posting to RealSelf about your daughter's rhinoplasty! Having the bump removed makes such a difference, especially for a young woman. We'd love a few more details about her surgery for those RealSelf users who haven't seen the episode. How was her recovery? And how did it feel to watch your daughter go under the knife?

I think that building confidence and self esteem starts from within but often there are other outside stimulus that also help to do this and that is feeling confident and beautiful in your own skin. My daughter had a small bump on the nose and I picked Dr. Elam because I had confidence that he would do a nice natural looking nose and that she would feel better about herself with this small transformation. I don't think that it is ever easy to see your children go through surgery however when you know that the end result is going to help them feel better about themselves it is worth it.
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Dr. E did my daughters surgery which was filmed on the real housewives of orange county and she was so happy with her results. I referred many friends to dr. E and they have all been so pleased with their results...

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