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I had a tip rhinoplasty, nostrils narrowed and...

I had a tip rhinoplasty, nostrils narrowed and nose set back slightly.  I asked for a subtle look, because I was afriaid it would look too small.  But It's too subtl, I had it done two weeks ago and have to see same surgeon again to see if I'm happy with it.  I want it done again and this time i'll be more specific about the amount I want done.  I just don't want to wait a whole year again.  I want to know If it's possible to have it done in 3 months or so as it's hardly any swelling now anyway.

Had dorsal hump removed in August 2008. Results at first - great. Then swelling subsided.Very disappointed and alarmed at new and unflattering shape. Have an appointment for revision recommendations w/ different doctor.
Well, it's been over 8 wks now and I have to say.. I really do like my new nose..just wish it was a little bit different.. but not so sure i want to go through all that bruising and swelling again.. something to definitely think about.. plus not have the vacation time anymore is another issue!
I had mine done 2 weeks ago too and I cant notice any difference at all. I dont know whether this is normal or not, but my doctor is telling me to be patient. I am really so disappointed
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