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Sometimes It Doesn't Work out

I had rhinoplasty a few years ago. Too much...

I had rhinoplasty a few years ago. Too much cartilage was taken out. I now have a ski-jump nose and believe one can tell that I've had a nose job. You don't want this, you become extremely self-conscious as it doesn't look natural. The bridge of my nose has also slightly collapsed to one side and appears crooked. This makes my nose appear bigger than it actually is. My nose isn't big at all, it just isn't straight.

I don't believe that it was entirely the surgeons fault as rhinoplasty is a complex procedure, you're wanting your nose to look attractive from every angle. Keep in mind that even if you have a great surgeon things may still go wrong, make sure you understand this.

Recently I've consulted another plastic surgeon about revision but he suggested the filler Radiesse to build up my bridge and make my nose appear straighter.

I'm not sure what to do as I've read both good and bad reviews about this product and procedure. I'd love to speak to anyone who has had non-surgical rhinoplasty.


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who was your surgeon
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hi, i'm not sure if you went to get the radiesse yet, but if you haven't...i would really recommend it. i am finally going in to get a nose job soon, but before that i used radiesse to make the bump in my nose less noticeable, and the pain really isn't that bad and it only takes a couple minutes which could make a huge improvement on how you feel about your nose. good luck
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hey I was just wondering what surgeon you went to I'm thinking about getting rhinoplasty. Thanks!
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Hi Tory Im thinking about doing it, could u post a picof yours pls. just so I can have an idea, thank you very much!!
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