Rhinoplasty Changed my Life

The cons definitely outweigh the pros and the...

The cons definitely outweigh the pros and the sooner you can get this done, the better, since you will have it forever. It is expensive and worth going to the best doctor you can go to.

The downsides, besides costs, are a bruised face and black eyes and you can't really go out in public for a few weeks and it'll be a couple of months before your nose really sets into the shape it will be, But when it does, it changes your whole appearance! I had this done in my early 20's and it's the best thing I've done for myself and my confidence!


I'm almost positive I want to go to the surgeon you went to, however, I am curious as to what you had done to your nose. In my opinion, the profile seems easier to fix than the tip viewed from the front. I want my tip to be narrowed and the sides of the nostrils to be brought down to the columnella as well as making the tip less bulbous and more refined. Did you have a similar request or did you just get a bump filed down? Thank you for your help.
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I want to have my nose done , I am 57 years old, But i am afraid it wont look good. Do you know a good nose doctor in Hamden CT ? or new haven CT
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New York Plastic Surgeon

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