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Nose - in Doubt About Results

Hi, I had a rhinoplasty 3 years ago in Europe...

Hi, I had a rhinoplasty 3 years ago in Europe (where I live). I've been content and discontent on and off after the procedure. I had a very wide, thick nose before my surgery, almost like an African-American nose. I have a very feminine face so you get why I wanted a nose change. I've seen some other docs than my PS afterwards (both ENT and plastic) and the general opinion is that my nose isn't perfect, but that I "shouldn't mess with it" (an advice against a revision). What do you think about it? Friends and family like the nose but I'm not sure :? I've also had some breathing issues but the docs say it has nothing to do with the shape of my nose. You guys seem to know a lot about nose jobs, so I'd like to ask, does it look like I have a collapsed nasal valve? Thank you for your response. xxx Lila


Hi, Lila! Personally, I think your nose is adorable, and I wouldn't change a thing about it. It really fits your face well and it looks natural. I think a revision would make it look manufactured and that's not a look anyone wants. I'd say forget about trying to make it 100 percent "perfect" because I think then it would not look natural and you'd end up more unhappy because you'd look like you had work done and be more self-conscious. In my opinion it is 95 percent perfect, so you should leave it. It really matters how you feel about it, but I think a revision would only make you feel worse. Good luck!
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ur nose is cute, i would say just leave it.
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Very unpatient man

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