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I never liked my nose. When I finally turned 18 I...

I never liked my nose. When I finally turned 18 I started considering having a nose surgery but due to financial problems and lack of knowledge of how the procedure works I kept holding back from taking a decision. When I finally turned 25 years old I had the surgery done. I regret not having the surgery done many years ago. It totally worth the time and money, I feel beautiful and more optimistic about life. The procedure is fast and simple, I had no pain at all. My only recommendation would be to find a good certified doctor.

I just had a consultation with Dr. Epstein today. Could you tell me exactly what they did and how the costs where split up? I need to get my turbinates reduced as well and their proposal for everything is very high. Thanks so much in advance!

I second that! It's so important to find a doctor you're comfortable with and trust! We'd love to see photos of your nose! : )

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