I Could Be Happier

I wanted to raise my nasal bridge and refine a...

I wanted to raise my nasal bridge and refine a bulbous tip.
Out of all the options, it was worth it because I know what to look for in a good surgeon and know what reveals is a bad surgeon. It was worth it because I won't make the same mistake twice.

I really do not remember the cost so I am sorry I can't help with that. The figure I posted is a random number.

My surgeon did not do what I asked. That is the beginning and end of it. He admitted that, yes, it wasn't his best work. His honesty was appreciated but when it's your face, every millimeter matters.

Moreover, breathing out of my nose is a rare indulgence that occurs rarely but I seem to have a permanently stuffy nose.

The bone graft looked beautiful for the first month before it was reabsorbed by my body.
The doctor has offered to knife my face up again for free and try to get it right the second time around. I might consider the offer except that I traveled for the surgery and the cost of travel to be retraumatized by him again...again, worth it because I won't make the same mistake twice.

I would suggest to anyone that they see what the doctors results are YEARS after. A lot of people get rhinoplasty because they feel anything will be an improvement upon what they currently have, and immediately post-op, they are more than happy to recommend their surgeon as they are still swollen and happily uncomfortable waiting for the final result. Finding someone who has been happy longterm with the end result. Also, female surgeons, rare as they are, seem to understand female needs a bit better. I know I was happier with my female surgeon than my male surgeon. She also didn't seem to meet so many dsm-iv criteria for sociopathy.


Thanks for sharing. I'm sorry you're always stuffy. What a shame! I am happy with my rhinoplasty long term, though I had a few issues before my revision as well (and still have a few).

You might want to check out the revision rhinoplasty community and start perusing the reviews there. Some good info!

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Thanks for your review Brooklyn but I'm a little confused. This a Worth-it rating even though the graft did not work? This review is for a revision? Did they remove too much during the first surgery so you needed a bone graft or did you just want your nose to protude farther? Did the 1st rhino ruin your breathing or have you always had problems breathing? Will you mention your doctors names? How long ago was your rhinoplasty? That's real good advice about YEARS after because I had never really thought about that until I started reading about how some people's noses collapsed years later, etc. Thanks very much for sharing.
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The options (worth it, not worth it) aren't great. I don't regret it. I don't remember how much it cost. I was wiser when I got a second, different procedure with a different surgeon. Worth it, not worth it...I feel permanently stuck in allergy season. Otherwise, I don't think about it very much except for the bone graft which I'm annoyed at having to redo via revision or fake with fillers. Grafts reabsorb to some level. I did not know this going in. It's something the surgeon used in his defense when I noticed I looked pretty much the same after a month. Again, worth it or not worth it...it is more like an ankle tattoo. I really don't think about it that often. I got very little done and what I got done reabsorbed. I think rhinoplasty is worth it if you're unhappy with your nose but it is a gamble of a procedure. Someone is cutting into the center of your face. Lots of wiggle room for things to go awry. Also, facial surgery recovery is...emotionally stressful. The first week is rough. I posted a photo somewhere on this site when I was four months postoperative and really has been no change despite being two years post op now.
If I had to go back in time, I would've chosen Dr Winslow, and I'll probably go to her for my revision.
I can still feel the bone graft. I think rhinoplasty is so difficult to understand which is why I don't regret it. I simply wish I had gone to Dr Winslow instead of the jackass I chose.
Plastic surgery is still surgery. I realize this is not what anyone wants to hear.
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