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Hi guys, First off, let me say that I'm a pretty...

Hi guys,
First off, let me say that I'm a pretty private person, and I've never posted anything like this before. I've always hated my nose, ever since I hit puberty around 12-13. I was teased by everyone, siblings, school people and honestly my nose really detracts from my face. It was humped and fat and drooped when I smiled.

I'm 25 now and just got a rhinoplasty done on November 1. I was not in too much pain, mainly discomfort. Anyway, its not really that that I'm posting here for. Today I got my cast off and splints out. While I'm very happy with my new side profile, front on my nose looks even MORE bulbous, especially the tip, it looks like a small cherry tomato .... I wanted to cry in the plastic surgeons office. I have been told that swelling goes down a LOT in the first few weeks, but I what I really want to know is:

1) will the swelling reduce my nose to at least 1/2 of what it is now?
2) has it ever happened that a nose has not 'unswelled'?

I cant afford to do a revision, I spent so much money on this one...
Please offer me some words of advice, i'm so sad right now. I dont want to go in public ever again :'(

It's early, early days. I know it's hard, but try to be patient.

Here's what some doctors say about swelling after rhinoplasty.

Please let us know you're doing as you continue to heal.

Thanks Angie, I think everyone is right. The swelling went down exponentially today (Day 9 post op). Its really hard though when you go to so much time, pain, effort and money, you want to see the results straight away...
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