Happy Results....but Worried About Breathing Problems

Pros: I love the results. I was very happy with...

Pros: I love the results. I was very happy with the results from the start. I didn't want a new "Hollywood" nose, I just wanted the profile of my nose straightened... had one of those Mediterranean bump, but I was really concerned that it wouldn't match my face when finished. It did...loved the results...

Honestly, it was so subtle, no one even noticed. I had to tell people before they got it. I knew I could fool some people, but I didn't think I could fool all. The pain was almost non-existent. Didn't take any pain meds and the hardest time I had was NOT sleeping on my side. That sucked.

Cons: After 6 weeks, I still haven't been able to breathe right. I know there is a lot of swelling, but I hate this. I feel congested all the time and have a hard time breathing thru my mouth.

Everyone thinks I have a cold and I have had a couple of people notice when I eat, I breath hard because I have to breath thru my mouth. I know its suppose to get easier when the swelling goes away completely, but when does that happen? Will it ever be normal? Does anyone have any tips/help? Thanks.

Just an update, my breathing problems are completely gone. VERY HAPPY!!!!! and i feel like I've always had this nose.
I really hope you are still checking this site. Your experience echoes mine exactly. I am one month post op and still cannot breathe. I have become a mouth breather and it is causing all kinds of anxiety. I too just wanted to fix the hup (I also had a deviated septum). I had an amazing aesthetic result because I never wanted the perfect nose but he came pretty close. On a functional note, I am positively miserable. My Doc is a Rhino specialist (that's all he does) and is double certified as an ENT and facial surgeon. I have lots of confidence in him but I am have having a hard time thinking nothing has gone wrong. I spent 3 weeks with just massive amounts of internal swelling with no other congestion signs. This week, the swelling let up but the congestion is in full force. I am completely stopped up and have yet to take a full breath through my nose and feel it in my lungs. I am not really seeing any improvement. How was progression like for you? It sounds like it took you a while to get over the congestion as well. Any advice, tips or mentions will be greatly appreciated. Everywhere I look, people say there congestion lasted at most two weeks. I am getting so nervous that there is permanent blockage.
Thank you!
would you be able to post before/after photos?
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