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I had rhinoplasty just over 10 years ago. I still...

I had rhinoplasty just over 10 years ago. I still strongly believe that this was the best decision I've ever made. It was a small change, but it made all the difference. After it was done, friends would just comment how great my new haircut was or how I must be using new makeup. The surgery gave me so much new confidence. I would definitely recommend rhinoplasty to anyone who is self-conscious about their nose.

I just realized that I should probably have posted...

I just realized that I should probably have posted 'before pictures'...unfortunately I don't have any of those pictures in electronic format (as I had surgery 10 years ago). My pre-surgery nose had a bump (which made me hate my profile) and I felt like my pre-surgery nose was...shapeless...just kind of a blob. I hope my experience helps anyone who is considering rhinoplasty...sorry again for no pre-op pics!

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I was young (17) and didn't do a lot of research...I went to a doctor that was recommended by my general practitioner. It worked out great for me, but I would definitely recommend doing more research.

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I have a consultation with Dr Jeffrey Raval for the end of May. I am 23 and have wanted rhinoplasty for over 13 years. I am hoping it improves my self confidence because it seems the older I get the more I want it. I cannot stand taking pictures. I am hoping after I have the surgery I will be able to take pictures with my children and feel confident about myself. I hope this changes me for the better so I will have the self confidence to attend nursing school.
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Great story. I've been doctor shopping in Denver. Hope to get the surgery soon. Does anyone know of a good doctor that they WENT to?
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Hi there! I had the surgery about 10 years ago and I believe my surgeon retired...so I'm sorry I can't give a recommendation! I really just posted my story to say that if you are really interested in the surgery you should go for it - such a minor surgical change made a HUGE difference in my life. Feel free to ask me any questions about my experiences!
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Could you give me the name of your surgeon, really interested in getting rhinoplasty. ty!
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You look great! I'm glad rhinoplasty was so worth it for you. Why did you seek it out to begin with?

Thanks for sharing your story and photos.


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