Rhinoplasty Very Bad Idea

To anyone considering a Rhinoplasty I would like...

To anyone considering a Rhinoplasty I would like to tell you to listen to me when I say to stay true to who you are - you do not need to fork out a fortune of money only to get dashed hopes, as countless thousands of other people are doing. My personal advice is, please don't make the terrible descision - Rhinoplasty. You don't have to listen to me, but after all it's only your face that you are gambling.

I am not so sure I would've went with this doctor if he didn't want to provide before and after pictures.

I'm sorry you had an unsatisfactory experience. Staying true to yourself is wonderful advice. Many people, however, have had good results and are very happy with their rhinoplasties (myself included).

Dr. Kaplan, Columbia MO

Proud, egotistical Doctor. Did not listen to my concerns. Would not look at my photographs, extremely defensive when asked any questions. Would not provide before and after photos. Very bad manner.

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