Rhinoplasty and Liposuction Scar and Tightness Issues.

Hi, a little over four weeks ago I underwent a...

Hi, a little over four weeks ago I underwent a rhinoplasty and submental liposuction under my chin. I did this becuase I felt my nose was crooked and large, also I had the lipo becuase I was always bothered by the fat underneath my neck. It was always quick to get bigger if i gained even an extra pound! The nose also had a small bump I wanted to get rid of.

So here are some concerns I have. The scar underneath the neck is small but is tough and half of it is pinkish. I do have a keloid on my chest so this worries me, I am using a silicone product, any other suggestions?

Also more importantly my center neck muscle is still very tight, is this an issue? Also I can feel the cartilage he placed in my nose on the inside, it feels "crunchy" is this okay? Hows the scar look? Didnt they stitch it off center?

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They were nice and I understand any surgery is never perfect and dependent on each individuals body.

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Hi! I got a submental lipo under the neck a couple of years ago. for quite awhile i felt like i had some wierd scar tissue under there, the doc just told me to keep massaging it which i did and now its fine. i also had the tightness in the neck thing you describe, but havent experienced it in quite awhile. i hope this helps.
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who did your surgery?
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things are healing much better now..I imagine a few more months and I wont be seeing much of anything.
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Congratulations on a nice nose and what appears to be a successful surgery! Personally speaking I wouldn't worry about being able to feel the cartlidge. I haven't had a rhino but when I press down on my nose I feel bone or something. As long as you can't see the implant and it holds up is what really matters. If it reallu bothers you than I would speak with the doctor or another just to make sure that is feels the way it should feel at this stage in your recovery. I also wouldn't be too concerned about the scar. I scar easily and it takes me at least a year for my scars to fade and unless you walk around with your nose stuck up in the air I doubt anyone will notice. Congratulatins again and enjoy your new look
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The stitch doesn't look off center to me. No one has perfectly even nostrils. So a little difference between the two is more than okay. I am not sure if that was what you were worried about. The scar will completely fade over time. Anyway I think your nose looks great! And your only a month into it.
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