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Price in April 1975 and I'm still pleased....

Price in April 1975 and I'm still pleased. nostril not symmetrical but looks more natural. I was always vain and didn't like my nose, made all the difference. I ve had more age appropriate surgery since then on my eyelids and a lower face lift. I'm 58, often told I look nor more than 40.

Thanks for sharing your experience. Nothing wrong with a little vanity. Especially when it concerns what is right smack in the middle of your face!

You might want to head over to RealSelf's Eyelid and/or Lower Facelift communities and post about those experiences there. I'm sure others would love to read your reviews.

Dr Hartrraupt

Dr Hartraupt is retired. I'd recommend Dr Phillip Nakano in Duluth, GA suburb of Atlanta. (I've sense had a face lift and eyelid surgery. More than pleased).

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