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34 Years Old, 2 Kids, and I Sooo Want to Have Some Procedures Done on my Face!!

Hello, I found this site not long ago, and I...


I found this site not long ago, and I think it's sooo helpful!! I have always felt self conscious about my face and things got worse after my teenage years.
I already consulted a few sugeons but I'm not sure about them. I was ready to go with one of them but then I chickened out and cancelled everything. Yeah, I've got a problem with the thought of the anesthesia, but after reading lots of reviews on this site, the thought of it is less scary.
So I'm still looking for my surgeon because I cannot afford to have bad results.
I would like to have my nose done, and also my brows (brow bossing) and forehead.
Also, I think it will help me to go through this with a 'buddy'; so anyone looking for one can contact me.
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Good luck in your consult. When do you plan to have the procedure? My revision rhino is on March 25.
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Good luck to you! I probably won't have it done until June. Was hoping to have it done at Easter break but that's when my consult is. I'm a teacher so will need the summer break to have it done if I decide .
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Thanks. I don't have a date yet; still looking for the right surgeon.
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Thanks; good luck to you too. I will maybe have to wait for my holidays next year since I haven't find the surgeon yet.
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I am considering to have a rhinoplasty done in the beginning of June as well. I found a surgeon that i liked, but i am still waiting for computer generated pictures from him before i commit to a certain date. I have a toddler and very worrisome husband to deal with, so i hope i am not gonna change my mind last second (especially after the surgeon told me that i can cancel the procedure as close as a week before with no penalty) :S
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I'm glad you're here and that you've started your story! Here's a list of questions to ask at your consultation. Make sure to choose a board certified plastic surgeon with elite credentials who has done many, many noses. Oh, and you should be able to see scads of before and after photos from different views (front, side, 3/4 view). Please keep us posted!
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Sounds familiar. I've been researching too and have a consultation with a surgeon in Michigan in April-primarily consulting on rhinoplasty but am going to get his opinion on the forehead/brow area as well.
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