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Rhinoplasty - Painful, but Fixed my Nose Bump and Nose Tip

- pros Reduced hideous hump a better tip ...

- pros Reduced hideous hump a better tip too early too judge results.

- cons have a droopy columella which is bruised and feels hard

I had a rhinoplasty and the columella where the incisions were made looks droopy. :(

First septo rhinoplasty when I was 18 -He...

First septo rhinoplasty when I was 18 -

He straightened the septum, as much as he could, but to me it looks slightly deviated.  He said he had made it thinner but it doesnt look thinner to me and this was almost a year ago.

Second rhinoplasty now  aged 19 -

He removed the hump (caused by breaking my nose as a child) and said he refined the tip. The hump isnt there but the columella and tip is droopy and swollen and i honeslty hate the look of it. It hasnt been 6 months/12 months yet but so far Im not pleased. But thats what all patients say dont they, till the swelling goes down. I have to be patient. And if I dont like the result, and If i can afford to, I'll have a septorhinoplasty.

Updated on Aug 27, 2009
HAD broken my nose when I was younger, so I had septorhinoplasty when I was 18, then rhinoplasty again when I was 19. not happy.

Spire Hospital, Little Aston

approachable, friendly.

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