I had rhinoplasty to remove a hump, and correct a deviated septum. - Rhinoplasty - Miami, Florida

I had Rhinoplasty on 5/8/09. I had rhinoplasty to...

I had Rhinoplasty on 5/8/09. I had rhinoplasty to remove a hump, and correct a deviated septum. I am happy with the results except for the hole inside my nose.

I have a hole inside my nostril but it does not go through. Is this septal perforation? Will it heal on its own? What can i do to help it heal? Also, I feel as if I have a stuffy nose all the time now, is this normal?


My doctor was {edited}. I am going to an ENT next week for a second opinion because Dr.  said I had collapsed valves. The outside of my nose looks fantastic but the inside looks like swiss cheese. It has been a little over 2 months. I cannot breathe very well, I have scabs inside my nose, and constantly sneeze. I would attach photos but I cant take pics of the inside and the outside looks fantastic. I am hoping this is just part of the healing process and my ENT tells me everything is going to be okay, but somehow I doubt it. If I had it to do all over again I would not have forfeited my smell and breathing for looking good.

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who was your doctor? do you have any pics I could see? thanks!!
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My Dr. says it is not good to use nasal sprays such as Afrin very often. But they do help me when my nose gets stuffy like you described. My nose gets swollen inside sometimes and I really can not breathe at all with out using some kind of spray with the ingredient oxymetazoline. Like I said though it is not a good idea to use anything long term as you can develop a dependance on it.
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It's been three years since rhinoplasty. The...

It's been three years since rhinoplasty. The inside of my nose healed great but it is bumpy when I touch the bridge it feels like an alligators back. You can't see the bumps so that's a plus. I still cannot breath as well as I could with my old nose. I would do the surgery again even though I haven't been able to smell or breath as well as I did. I would like to get the bridge fixed so it's smooth to the touch but I'm too afraid.

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