Revision, Tip Plasty (Vietnam)

Pros of such operation is you'd be able to...

Pros of such operation is you'd be able to increase your self-confidence by obtaining the look that you've always wanted. Cons is if you don't find a good doctor and you're not satisfied with the result.

I had Rhinoplasty (alar trimming and augmentation) on the upper part of my nose, and the nose tip was left as is. Now, I feel that the tip of my nose does not go so well with changes done. I'm now 1 month post-op and I don't think the tip will change as nothing was done to it in the first place. Must I also wait 6 months to 1 year to get tip plasty?


do you have any before and after pics?
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Hi, Just wondering how the end result was and if you ended up correcting your tip? Would you recommend your doctor?
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