Rhinoplasty - Revision with Dr. Andrew Frankel

I had Rhinoplasty performed last January and the...

I had Rhinoplasty performed last January and the outcome has not been good. The goal was to reduce the overall size, remove bump on bridge and refine the tip a little. The Doctor built up the nose to reduce the bump and built my tip way out, as a result my nose is bigger than it was before the surgery. But worst of all my tip is all messed up and curves to the left. I can see and feel cartilage grafts out of place. On the left side nostril there is a white patch of skin that has been getting worse with time, after asking a few other Doctors they believe it is pressure from misplaced tip cartilage.

I wish I never had the surgery in the first place but now I am faced with finding a surgeon I can trust and have the issues fixed. I am looking for a Doctor that not only is well known for revision rhinoplasty but also will be able to reduce the size of my nose not build it up. I live in Saint Louis but I am looking at Doctors from all over the states. Does any one have any recommendations? I have looked at Dr. Andrew Frankel, Dr. Jay Calvert, Dr. Gary Motykie and Dr. C. Spencer Cochran.

I have a phone Consult with Dr. Frankel in a week and will be setting up a skype consult with Dr. Calvert soon.

Does anyone have experience with any of the Doctors I mentioned or recommend anyone else?

I really appreciate any advice!

post op pics

Adding some post op pics.

I have a Skype Consults scheduled with Dr. Calvert next Wednesday 10/2.

Phone and Skype consults done, in person consults set

I had my phone consult with Dr. Frankel and Skype with Dr. Calvert. I really liked them both but seems to be leaning towards Dr. Frankel.

Dr. Calvert mentioned he would most likely use Temporalis Fascia Graft. Frankel did not mention that so I looked into it and it seems like Dr. Frankel does not like to use faica grafts unless necessary since it causes loss of definition and can cause more scar tissue. Take a look at his answer to this question (http://www.realself.com/question/denver-pros-and-cons-fascia-grafting-in-rhinoplasty)

Dr. Frankels noses seem to be smaller than Dr. Calverts and I am wondering if Calverts use of Faica grafting is one of the reasons why.

Regardless I am flying in next month to meet with them both and will find out more on Dr. Calverts use of Facia grafting at that time.

In Person Consults

So I flew to L.A. and had my in person consults with Dr. Calvert and Dr. Frankel.

I was really impressed with Dr. Frankel. His approach to find out what I my issues were and ultimately what I want to achieve with the revision was great. He was very comforting and I felt like he really wanted find out what I wanted my nose to look like, but at the same time I felt that he was realistic and was not just telling me what I wanted to hear. I have a few more follow up questions for him that I am going to email today. But I have a great feeling about him so far.

I would like to get at least one more opinion before I make a decision. Still looking to book the surgery for January.

Date set with Dr. Frankel

I made a deposit and scheduled a date with Dr. Frankel. The date is set for beginning of January. I am not sure if I will seek a third opinion in the meantime as I feel like all my research has been pointing me to Frankel. If anyone else here has had personal experience with him I would appreciate any feedback.

3 weeks to go!

I will be having surgery with Dr. Andrew Frankel in Beverly Hills in 3 weeks. I have been in contact with some people on various forums that have recently had Rhinos with him and they are all very happy with the results. The more I research Dr. Frankel and speak to his patients the more confident I am of my decision to go with him. Right now I am just getting everything ready for the surgery. I will post more soon.

Surgery is done, now the recovery begins...

I had my surgery last week and the cast came off this past Wednesday. The surgery ended up taking over 5 hours to complete and Dr. Frankel did have to use some ear cartilage.

Dr. Frankel and his staff were wonderful during the whole process. I still feel really good about choosing him and I am hopeful that I am going to be very happy with my nose. It is still way to early to tell what how the results are as I am really really really swollen. I can at least tell that my nose seems straight at this point but beyond that I just look like I got into a hardcore fight.

In a few weeks I will update my review once the swelling has gone down and I have a better idea of the results of the revision.

almost 5 months post-op

Sorry it has been so long since my last update. This has been a very emotionally hard 5 months. I don't have time for a lengthy update but I am posting pictures I just took today.

I am just a week or two shy of being 5 months post-op. I have had and still have a considerable amount of swelling, at least I hope it is swelling. I feel like overall it has been a major improvement from my primary surgery. My nostrils are much much more even and my nose no longer curves to the left. I have some concerns the biggest being that my nose and tip is too wide which again I am hoping is swelling and will subside as time progresses. I keep reminding myself that this was a major surgery and the second major surgery in less than two years so it will probably take some more time than normal to fully heal.

I will post more later but for now take a look at the pics and give me your honest opinion on how you think it looks, I would appreciate any feedback.

By the way, Dr. Frankel has been wonderful! I think that no matter whats he will make sure I am happy with my final results. He had a big job trying to correct the mistakes of my first surgery and I really just wish that I went to him in the first place.


More Pics of after Frankel revision

Thanks for all the nice comments. Here are some more pics just taken today.
Dr. Andrew Frankel

Having revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Frankel in Beverly Hills the second week of January and hoping for a good outcome. After much research I feel like I can put my trust in Dr. Frankel to do a great Job. He seems to be a very skilled surgeon and just a all around good person. Only time will tell if I made the right choice.

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Very nice result! Did he use septum cartilage only?
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After my last surgery there was not any good septum cartilage left so he had to use ear cartilage.
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Looks very very good .I very like it!
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Your results are amazing!
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Meant to ask, what did you think of Dr Calvert after you in person consult with him?
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I did not feel good about Calvert after our meeting. He refused do a photo morph of the expected outcome claiming that it is just a "sales tactic" that doctors use. He also quoted as much as Dr. Frankel quoted PLUS wanted to charge my insurance. Not too long after that I read this news article about him: http://blogs.ocweekly.com/navelgazing/2013/11/jay_w_calvert_unneeded_surgery.php Very thankful I did not end up going with him after I read that.
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oh my goodness, I JUST found that article after I posted my question on him to you! Who knows what the true story is, but sounds messy and shady at best.
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By the way, I should say that I do NOT know if that article is true or not. I don't want to hurt someones reputation. I personally did not have a great experience meeting with him and after reading the article I did not feel comfortable considering him as an option.
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is this 17K just the surgeon price or total ?
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In fact 16K ...
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16k was the total price.
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Wow, continues to look fantastic! How do you feel the swelling has been from month 1 to month 5?
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Thanks so much! I had pretty substantial swelling the first month or two and still a lot of swelling the following months. It was really only the last few weeks that I started seeing my nose starting to take shape. I still have swelling, more in the morning and evening but at around 4-5 months is when things have started to settle.
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You really do look super handsome !!!
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Thanks @twinny05! I really do appreciate it! Although after going through all this its hard to think of myself that way. I really don't want to be the kind of person obsessed with my looks, there are far more important things in life. But unfortunately, as I have found the hard way, these surgeries can effect a person emotionally in ways they could never have anticipated, especially if the surgery goes wrong. That being said, it is really nice to hear you say that. I am trying to work on accepting and not rejecting complements.
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Excellent results. I had my revision 10 weeks ago but my nose is still swollen. I hope my final results are as good as yours. Congrats!!
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Thank you! It is sooo hard to wait for the swelling but it will. It took 4 month or more for me to start seeing the results.
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You give me hope. Thanks
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your new nose looks fantastic!! I hope your pleases truly an amazing result
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Thanks very much for sharing with us. Looking forward to more updates. Looks good and I hope it just keeps getting better until you're very happy. I regret my primary too and understand how it can be very emotional. Best of luck to you.
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You look fantasic and you would never know you had surgery. I had a blanket fascia graft over the whole dorsum and mid vault for thin skin. Your nose looks natural and really suits you x
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Super handsome !!! A major improvement from before . Congrats
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Looking good! I'm hoping to consult with Dr Frankel this year for a revision. Great to see another good result from him :)
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your nose after revision looks so good! Really suits you and looks so natural that you would never guess you had 2 surgeries on it. Very happy for you
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