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I started with Retin-A 3 months ago, my skin was...

I started with Retin-A 3 months ago, my skin was pretty bad back then. At first, it really seemed that I am catching a dead fish - my skin got worse. This phase did not last for long and after that my skin became better after every week. Now I am clear, have only some scars left, but they are fading too. I am so glad I found Retin-A!

1) Gives a lovely and smooth skin texture.
2) Clears skin from pimples.
3) Even if a pimple appears, Retin-A makes it disappear more quickly and less painfully.
4) It is against wrinkles! That's why I will probably use it for a long-long time.

1) Makes skin very sensitive to the sun. That means wearing sunscreen every day for me.
2) If over-dosing, leaves skin flaky. Also, in the beginning, irritates skin because it has not got used to it (redness, extra flakiness) and acne can get worse.
3) Not too available - can get it with prescription only.
I have been using retina a for thirty years. I think it is wonderful enough so that I spend 560.USD every six moths at Costco. Beware the "generic" Tretoin it does not work.
Hey! I'm glad Retin-A works for you. I, too, have battled acne and I'd like to share my experience with the hope that it will help others. I am 28 years old lady and I have had acne problems since my teens. I used Retin-A for 4 months last year. In between dry skin, redness and rough patches, it did help control the acne and it restored my complexion. I had fewer pimples but when I did get pimples they seemed worst or more inflamed. They, also, left terrible marks, which I think was due to my skin being very sensitive at the time. This was my fourth or fifth attempt with Retin-A over a period of 10 to 15 years. That's how long I have battled with acne. I have tried many products, some over-the-counter and some prescribed. Nothing really worked. I'll admit that at times I didn't stick to the products for long enough. I went to a skin clinic last year (after using Retin-A) and primarily aimed at lightening the marks. I paid alot of money for peels and 'carboxytherapy'. Soon after this, my acne problem started again. Last year's holiday pic do not look good. I paid alot of money for this treatment and was sorely disappointed. I don't have a good opinion of Skin Renewal (South Africa). This year, I went to a dermatologist. He immediately prescribed Roaccutane. I started with 20mg. Then went up to 40 per day. I used it for 6 months. After which, I still got pimples. Albeit, fewer and smaller pimples. I did experience dry lips and a slight rash caused by excessive dryness. After 8 months, the dosage was reduced. I take 40mg twice a week now and have been doing so for about 3 months. I can say that, I have NOT had a pimple for about 2 months now. My skin has cleared. And; the marks have lighten. In my personal experience, Roaccutane has provided the best solution and I truly hope it lasts. I've, also, used the wrong makeup over time. And; the wrong moisturiser. I now use Cetaphil moisturiser and sunscreen. Its cheap by comparison to other products and was prescribed by the dermatologist. I use sunscreen religiously. You must wash your face EVERY evening. NO EXCUSES!!! And; this is for life. Long after you've conquered your acne woes. Also, apply moisturiser in the evening. Go easy with sticky, oily makeup. It really does clog up your pores. Don't scratch. If you scratch or pop pimples, then re-assured, a new pimple will appear in the same spot continuously forever! You can pop until you drop but a new pimple will appear in the same spot (even if it takes 2 months). This is because by scratching you damage the gland. Don't smoke. I so regret it. My eyes are dark & sunken. My 40 year old aunt looks younger than me. And; its certainly been a primary factor in my acne problem. And; its so difficult to quit. It makes your lips darker and stains your teeth. It makes you lethargic. So don't smoke!!!!!! Good luck fellow warriors Lastly, don't let bad skin steal your happiness. I have lost out on alot of good experiences due to a lack of confidence. Please don't let this happen. Others do not judge us as badly as we do to ourselves. So don't be afraid of what others think.
Thank you Eva! :) So nice of you. I, too, am very happy about my results. Life is so much different with clear skin..

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