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Results of Pixel: Hypo and Hyperpigmention, Skin Worse Than Before

Had this done at a local medspa. Seemed like a...

Had this done at a local medspa. Seemed like a good idea at the time to get rid of my acne/pock marks. Was told this would be the thing to do and that it would get rid of any dark spots from sun damage as well. My face was like a tomatoe for 4 days. Then splotchy for the next three days and flaked as well. The running into a screen door effect all over my face was not coverable by makeup - sure the redness was toned down, but you could still see the grids.

By the way my setting was only at 60 (very light). I was quickly rubbed over with a very mild pain med. that did absolutely nothing. I have a high threshold for pain. I have sensative skin that did not react well. At first my skin looked great even through the redness and swelling (I used ice packs for three days straight, antihistamines and ibuprophen). After eight days though everything was back to normal as far as the look of the scars, however I have hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation to deal with. My hoping that this would help so that I didn't have to wear makeup all the time was deflated like a balloon. I now use more makeup than I ever did and have to wake up an hour earlier just to 'fix' everything the laser did.

I am not a happy camper afterwards. I am now trying to figure out if I can tan over the hypopigmentation and even up my skin tone or use a bleaching agent to lighten the hyperpigmentation.

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Pixel works well, I had it done three times and tomorrow will be my fourth time. Pixel lazer has been the only treatment that has really helped with my acne scars. You will not see good results right away, therfore you have to be patient. The results will be visible after a few months, by that time you will probably forget you had it done but a person will make comments on how good you look and then you will remember that it is all due to this treatment.
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Wow! i can't believe these comments! I am sorry to you all for your results. I haven't done it yet, but now I definitely do not think I will be doing it. I have a very low tolerance to pain, and I DO NOT want a situation that is worse. I just have some acne and some scars that I would like to get rid of, but I think I will do just fine with makeup!! Thanks again to you all for your comments and sharing your experiences. I wish you all speedy recovery. Sara p.s. do they help you at all after you have bad results? What do they say and do about it?I hope they are trying to help you.
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I had the pixel laser to get rid of sun spots on cheeks, a few lines around eyes and Dr. said it would tighten up around the forehead. NOT. After looking like a halloween mask for a week I now have acne (it's been a month) I never had before, a marks that aren't going away. The tightening comment was nothing but bunk and I wish to hell i had never done this! My skin was really nice before this (except for the little spots and a few lines) and now I have breakouts and acne. Not a panacea!
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I had 1 pixel treatment on my lower eye lids. I was told this would tighten my skin and improve my wrinkles. It made it worse! It looks like my skin has age ten years!
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Oh wow I'm nervous. I'm going to the medspa in Stafford VA for pixel laser and I'm nervous. I'm going in for my first package of pixel/microderm abrasion. (3X pixel laser, 5 microderm). I'm 35. I'm a little nervous. I have (2) very minor pitted acne scars, but I notice them. I'm very fair skinned and my pores are huge - I have blackheads on my nose and it's just difficult to get them off. I have fine lines over my forehead. I feel silly throwing down that much money - what does it say about my vanity??? I'm going to do overall on my face (mainly look for removal of the acne pit scar on my cheek). I'm reading that it will be red and your face will be hot and that your face will look leathery on day 3 and NOT to pick it.. No matter what - don't pick it or it will scar. The consult said she did an aggressive peel that had the same effect and she picked at it and it scarred. I coudn't tell - but she was wearing a lot of make up. I just want to refine the texture of my skin - I haven't read anything about it restoring elasticity.
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