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I had a full hip to hip tummy tuck, breast lift &...

I had a full hip to hip tummy tuck, breast lift & implants done at the same time. I had this done two years ago & the results still amaze me! The pain was excruciating, the recovery time was about 2 months, but I would do it again in a heart beat. After having 3 kids my body was still in good shape, but after giving birth to twins (weighing over 13 lbs. between the two of them!), I needed serious help. Having the procedures I had was worth the pain I went through. I had 5 drains in me (3 in my tummy & 2 in each breast), those were a pain to deal with. My friends & family took care of me for the first week or so & they had to measure the drainage bulbs, help me up to walk (I couldn't stand up straight), give me my pain meds (I needed them!), & I needed someone there around the clock. After two years, my stomach is still rock hard, my breasts are perky & bouncy-no bra required. My scar is still pretty dark, so that would be the only draw back. Other than that, I would recommend this surgery to anyone who wants to lose any stretch marks or extra skin around their tummy.
My doctor is in Beverly Hills. Dr. Vishal Kapoor. Highly recommended. I did alot of homework. I've seen before and after photos that I did NOT want to look like! He's amazing, and always available. Specializes in minimal scar procedure, and I believe my scar will look just fine when I'm healed. Every day after my shower, I lay on a towel and massage my entire tummy, including the scar & b-button with bio oil. I don't know if it will work, but I am sure that the message will help with healing. I waited 28 years for this. I don't know why, exactly. But I look hot! tsssssss! :-)
It's only been 3 1/2 weeks. Just when my tummy is flat, it becomes swollen and uneven. But I realize this is major trauma to the body, especially with lipo added. The drain was the worst part, and I had it for 3 weeks!!!! I thought I had fluid build up and drove there this morning, but he did not pull any fluid. Said it is swelling. Comes and goes. He made a great scar - hip to hip, but it's so clean and low, with a little dip above the pubic area. My belly button is absolutely adorable. I have to remind myself that less than 4 weeks ago I had my stomach cut open, some cut off, my muscles sewn can we expect it not to take a couple of months before we really feel good. I am shrinking a little bit each day. My tummy looks like I'm 17! I love it. Looking forward to recovering. Good luck everyone!
I am also a mother of twins and considering a tummy tuck. I would love to know what doctor you went to? And also were they in the eugene area?
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