Restyline Made Me Look Like a Pig

I had my Restylane done yesterday in my nasolabial...

I had my Restylane done yesterday in my nasolabial wrinkles.

Up to now I look like a pig: I have two hard balls under my nose which cause all my face to look swallen. I hoped it was just temporary and would get away but after 36 hours it's still the same, not le least improvement.

I am desperate.


Updated: November 1, 2008

swelling is almost gone, but I still have big bumps under-skin , I thought the filler would go just under the wrinkle, not under the whole area around the wrinkle! It's been 4 days now. I hate it. I think the communication with the doctor was poor, they should have told me how it worked and which possible complications I could have experienced, instead they told me I would be a little red in the first day and perfect the day after! Far from being so.

you can get it all dissolved with Hydase. Thank goodness for that stuff...I had a bad experience with Juvederm and had the injections of Hydase and it completing dissolved it. Back to normal within 24 hours. The doctor I went to for the Juvederm said he didn't carry the stuff, so I looked up another doctor and he did it for me.
Hyaluronidase CANNOT be used if you are allergic to's will put you into anaphylaxis so if you have this problem make sure the Dr. knows and if he/she is a good Dr. they should ask first anyway.
I can understand why your treatment is so unsatisfactory....what on earth ever possessed you to have it done in Beijing?? I live in Beijing and would NEVER have a procedure done here. Too many stories like yours! Good news is that Restylane does eventually dissolve and go away (that is if it REALLY was Restylane that you had injected into your face????).
Viv Beauty

they told me only the wrinkles would get filled, instead I find myself with these hard bumps like small balls under the nose. Nobody mentioned this possibility. I am mad.

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