Restylane is a Great Under-eye Fix

I had really bad under-eye hollows (my tear...

I had really bad under-eye hollows (my tear troughs) and it was nothing I did and didn’t do - just genetics. I think this is the most frustrating thing because I had to work with what I was given from God. This is something I dealt with for so many years and especially not being very old it was horrible to already feel like I was 50 or 60.

I did so much research and talked to so many different people about my options, everything from blepharoplasty and fat injections to skin creams and miracle cures. I was just so afraid to do anything drastic that might make it worse. Eventually I found a doctor who sold me on Restylane, partially because it will last (not like just putting concealer on, which doesn’t work by the way) and partially because it wouldn’t last. I didn’t want to be stuck with a bad result anymore than no result!

Thankfully, it made a huge difference. The procedure wasn’t bad at all (I recommend not staring down the needle as it gets close) and I could see results the day I left the office. There were some side effects with water retention and my face puffing up but nothing compared to how I used to look. Also, because the injections are deep under my eyes, this is lasting longer than Restylane anywhere else I could have gotten it. I am well into the nine-month promise and still going strong.

I know Restylane is not my final solution but I am very happy with it now. If I go for it a couple times and am still pleased with my new look, I might start researching other procedures. But for now, I’m quite happy.
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i had my eyes done 8 years ago and never was happy. I now have hollow under eye circle.does anyone have a success with restalyne with a doctor from long island, ny. how do you go about finding a reputable doctor. i thought i did this for my surgery, doctor was referred by my internist-what a mistake!
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I had restylane injected by a "Skilled" plastic surgeon in shreveport March 07 (now Sept 09) and eyes have been swollen since day one. Never been happy. They said he overinjected you to get best results...Ha. Now, 18 mos later, I have large bags under both eyes, I would welcome the hollows back.. What can I do to get rid of this horrible look? I will never get under eye injections of any kind again. Is under eye surgery to correct this necessary? Everyday I use prep. H and ice under my eyes to reduce swelling and it only helps a little. Considering wearing glasses from now on to hide the bags.
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I had a Nightmare experience with restylane under eye. Injected by a skilled plastic surgeon March of 2007, now Sept 09 and my eyes have looked terrible since day one. He OVER INJECTED the tear troughs and it won't go away. People just stare at the bags under my eyes. These look much worse than the hollows ever did. WHAT CAN I DO>???? to make restylane go away. I will never let anyone inject anything under my eyes again. I put preparation H and eye on my eyes every morning to try and reduce swelling of bag HELP I AM DESPERATE!!!
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The hyaluronic acids such as Restylane or Juvederm can be broken down by injections of hyaluronidase. The products naturally degrade on their own but you can get a quick reversal with this injection. Two and a half years the filler would be completely gone, so I'm suspecting you have some lymphatic stagnation or a blockage (unless the bags are from fat and then that is another issue altogether) Not everyone is a good candidate for under eye or tear trough fillers. If you have "bags" already, filler won't make them go away. I would recommend that anyone seeking fillers under the eye first discuss the intent with an ophthalmologist and have an exam to rule out the propensity for complications.
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You poor thing , I HAVE THE SAME !!! I'm so damn sick of it too. Can we get in touch and try to help each other, maybe find others like us and see what we can all do together?
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HelP!!! I'm desperate too !I had restalyne injected under tear troughs two and a half years ago and it HAS NOT GONe ! (I have previously had restalyne around naso labial folds and noticed that in a particular thinskinned area around nose , that a small line of retalyne remained visible for at least six years!!!
Also the juvederm that another doctor put around cheekbone (2 and half years ) after the restalne debacle, in order to offset the bad effect of tear trough, IS STILL THERE TOO! Howver what was put in lip has almost gone.
I deduce that certain areas of the face break it down quicker than others.
Please , please help. Is it still possible to get rid of it?
Would fibroblasts in skin have wrapped around it ?
Please let there be an answer.
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yes I had it too and have suffered with hollows all my life. I even got the mick taken out of me at school! I also wear glasses for cosmetic purposes which I found hid them to a degree. And you're right, concealer does nothing. I had the restylane done twice. the first time was not good; he put in too much and went all round under my eye. I visited another dr. a year later, a bit wary (but the hollows was really depressing me). he put the restylane in only the areas I needed it, not in every part. The difference I think was that he was a proper eye surgeon so he knew what he was doing. Now I haven't felt so happy. Would recommend it but would recommend doing your homework, and finding a reputable dr. to do the procedure!
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