Restylane, my First Choice

I had my first Restylane injection 2 years ago,...

I had my first Restylane injection 2 years ago, and am still a devoted follower. I get my lips and nasal labial folds done once yearly, and not because I need it, but because the product does seem to last longer when it's "topped off" vs. waiting for it to be completely resorbed. At my last appointment (Oct. 07), a full year and a half after my first injection, my doctor was surprised to see the product giving nice results.

During that last visit, I decided to give Juvederm a try. The verdict: Juvederm did not add the volume I had previously gotten from Restylane. Despite Juvederm being advertised as the injectable with longer staying power than other fillers (6 months longer typically), I think I'll be sticking with Restylane as I like it's more "substantial" feel. Juvederm is more pillowy. 

Price-wise, Restylane does costs less per cc, but because it has more substance to it, I can usually get away with less product to get good results. People have no idea my lips are augmented. My boyfriend also doesn't know- which tells you augmented lips don't have to feel stiff nor should they appear unnatural.

The injections have been mostly comfortable, and that's coming from someone with a healthy fear of pain and needles. I attribute this to a practitioner with a gentle touch and who gives a fantastic dental block. Would I recommend you try Restylane without a block? No. The lip area is quite sensitive with plenty of nerve endings (I was stuck a few times in an area that wasn't completely numb and it smarted a little).  

Bruising has been minimal to none. Once the block wears off (2 hours or so) I'm usually out and about. There is a little throbbing for several hours after, but nothing terribly uncomfortable.

If you are thinking about Restylane, I'd recommend not doing it before a big event. Give yourself a few weeks to see how your body tolerates it. I typically get my injections at the end of my work week so I have a few extra days to recuperate from swelling/ bruising, just in case.

Something interesting I've noticed about my Restylane: On rainy or humid days, my lips are fuller. They also appear fuller after a shower or when lip moisturizers are applied. I've heard Restylane molecules bind themselves to moisture, so I guess that makes some sense.

oh, I forgot to ask - actually I don't even know if you can tell me on this site - but who did your injections?
Wow, your lips look amazing. You answered my question as to whether I'd have Juvederm done again. NO. I've had Restalyne before with very little bruising, etc. This time, one month ago, I had Juvederm for the first time in my nasofolds and chin area. Still I have bruising and quite frankly I notice no difference at all. Paid a wad of money for nothing as far as I'm concerned. Next time it's Restalyne for me. Thanks for your info.
Beautiful lips! how much do you have in them? Thank you for your great review. Very helpful!
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