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Restylane, Try It if You're Curious

I got a Restylane injection in my lips after...

I got a Restylane injection in my lips after trying Juvaderm.  Can you say ouch!  Luckily I decided to get a block after experiencing the pain with Juvaderm lip injections and I was very happy because the pain was blocked well.  I do not recommend getting Restylane without some form of local injection anesthetic first!  Restylane was not as smooth as the Juvaderm so that it's feel was not as natural.  I got more initial swelling for the Restylane than the Juvaderm.  Again, these products must not be meant for me because the results only lasted less than two weeks--definitely not worth the price of the product.  My lips did look nice temporarily, but I must be a fast reabsorber/high metabolizer of these products. I would only advise you to try these if you are curious about such products and have some extra cash to spend.  I also followed my dermatologist post-op care instructions precisely.

Dr. Jaculeen Dano

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