The Pain and Bruising is Much Worse Than Expected

I was used as a model for training, supervised and...

I was used as a model for training, supervised and in part done by a company rep and very experienced dermatologist, I did not pay for the injections.

I am 49, and had deep "marionette" lines.

I had the procedure yesterday. My face is terribly swollen, and bruised. I am in significant pain. I can't eat, it hurts.

Last night I looked like "The Joker" from Batman. Today it is more like Homer Simpson. I hope it improves over time.

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an experienced dermatologist does not make an experienced injector. u were a model, which means the dr. was training with the products which is why u are so bruised and swollen, give it some time it will improve, if it turns out u do not like the cosmetic effect go back to your dr. and have him call the co. to bring in someone who can do some corrective work.
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I have to had my lips enhanced last night and am quite overwhelmed with the swelling and bruising I still have thismorning. My chin even feels a bit bruised. I am hoping that in the next couple of days these symptoms will subside?????????
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it will improve, beleive me*
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