Restylane (Upper Lip Lines) - the After Effects

Never again, did it for pure vanity, my sister had...

never again, did it for pure vanity, my sister had the same procedure but she had no after effects, but I suppose some people bruise more than others.

Hi, I had reStylane to the lines over my upper lip 2 days ago,I had no idea I would be so badly bruised, my lip is swollen and looks bigger on right side, and my face is very painful on tht side, im panicing, is this normal and how long will it last?
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very painful

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have you tried renova cream?its by prescription only.i started using it at the age of 38,because i was starting to see vertical lines from smoking.i am 44 now,still use it 2times a week,and have no great for entire face.i use it under my eyes also.i even put it on my lips at night.its never too late to start,it will soften lines and prevent new must cleanse skin and wait 10-15 min before application.only a small amount is needed,about the size of a pea or less,and follow with a very emolient will wake up with the softest will see results pretty quick.make sure to wear sunscreen!! good luck
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It is VERY unfair of you to form a negative opinion of this product simply due to the fact you have bruising after injection. Opinions are based upon how well the product performs at what purpose it is serving. Of course you are going to swell and just had a foriegn substance injected around your mouth. Some people bruise more than others, some hardly at all, that is just how it goes..... So to be fair here, give it a few weeks after everything settles down and THEN form an unbiased opinion on the actual performance of the product, not because you don't like what it's doing to you after the one ever said beauty doesn't cause any pain. If I had to endure a few days of major swelling or bruising to get a positive improvement, you bet I'd suck it up buttercup...I suggest you do the same. If after all is said and done and you don't think this product worked for you, then come back and let us know...then we will care.
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That's very helpful, let me suggest that unless you have something constructive to add don't bother giving your opinion BUTTERCUP. so come back then.........and we might listen
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Hey there- you can relax. It was only 2 days ago. It takes several days or a week for everything to settle down. Use soft icepacks to help the swelling and bruising. 20 minutes at a time. As for the bruising it is advised not to take any medications that will thin your blood at least a week beforehand. This would be ibuprofen, aspirin, or any anticoagulant. Try taking Vitamin K the week prior as well to help control the bruising. Good Luck!
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Some swelling after Restylane is normal. Here's a related thread that might shed some light: How to alleviate swelling on lips after Restylane?

Good luck with your recovery!

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