Restylane: Sitcom-worthy DISASTER!

Ok, I didn't understand what I was getting into...

Ok, I didn't understand what I was getting into.  I had one TINY lip line that I hoped could be plumped it.  Instead, I got chimp lips.

The restylane was injected into my upper lip from the INSIDE of my lip (big ouch!)  Massive bruising (maybe a reaction too, who knows?)  Honestly, my lip swelled to stick out past my nose - a total embarassment for about a week, there was absolutely no hiding it.

It lasted about 5 years (I guess if you like the result, this would be a plus) and I now remember my experiment with laughter!

Ok , just DO NOT GET RESTALYNE injected under eyes. It's too hARD. Get the softest filler possible. God these quacks make me sick
Thanks for sharing. I'm glad you are able to laugh about it now!
That is what you get for not getting done properly! 
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