Prolonged Swelling

Restylane injections were not painful for the...

Restylane injections were not painful for the undereye area. Swelling and bruising were horrific.

Swelling under one eye has persisted well over one year. Eating salty or spicy foods increases the swelling under the one eye.

Recovery for me was well over one month of wearing sunglasses and not being able to go out in public without them.

However, if you do not experience the puffiness and swelling then it really does plump up the area injected.

One eye was done great and looks wonderful and the other is still experiencing swelling. Overall, I don't think I would do this again. 


Dear Mother8, In my experience, the swelling associated with Restylane injections will go down within a week. I have also found that Juvederm seems to cause less swelling than Restylane. In the lips, that extra swelling may be very apparent with Restylane. In the nasolabial folds, the extra swelling is much less obvious. Applying ice may help. As far as the pain goes, some docs are using some very potent topical anesthetics (much stronger than BLT) to the lips to help with the pain. Although it is off label, a lot of docs have been mixing local anesthetic into the Restylane immediately before the injections. With this combination, most of my patients rate the pain of the injection as a 1 or 2 out 10. If your lips are still too big (duck lips) after a week, you may need to consider treatment with Hyaluronidase to remove some or all of the Restylane. Michael Sinclair, MD
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Restylane to the lips for lip wrinkles, not augmentation. Wow, that hurt. Even with the so called block, that hurt and still, after 2 days is swollen, (Howdy doody, Donald duck) sore, hurts like crazy, and looks like a pincushion...I read all the blogs and went ahead and did it...desperate to look less severe, now a little sorry.
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After Restylane, one under eye gets very swollen at times, seems to happen with salty foods you think it will ever go down...I do not have any wrinkles there, I did have a couple of no lines but regular swelling....
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