Perlane 4 Men

Perlane restores volume to smooth facial wrinkles...

Perlane restores volume to smooth facial wrinkles.  A thicker skin volumetric gel used more for mens facial lines. Results will lasts significantly longer as injections are deeper into tissue.

First, area is localized w/ Lidocaine-topically; approx.30-45 minutes.  Second, multi injections within specifc areas.  Third, injections will be felt; unlike Botox (which are painless).  Fourth, localized areas, once injected; such as nose & mouth will have a minimal of swelling, slight redness for approx, several 1-2 Hrs, then diminish.  

I had several areas on my face (nose and surrounding mouth) to have injections this morning!  Be sure to hydrate w/ water prior to injections and eat a light meal.  

Hot flashes may occur due to multi- area injections; which is a reason for hydration and a light meal.

If you can tolerate a minimal of discomfort for 30-45 minutes; then this procedure is great!!  If not--use restylane (which is a thinner volumeizer).  

Facial Wrinkles are Immediately Smoothed and can see an improvement Instantly!!

Be sure to locate a reputable Cosmetic Surgeon!!

See ya in Hollywood!!  

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A reputable cosmetic surgeon whom specializes in facial appearances

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It's Oct 4th, just over 2 weeks since I 1st had Perlane injected into my tear troughs. I am extremely happy! At 1st, it was a bit lumpy and uneven. I returned the next week and had more added to the submalar and malar areas. When we were done, I almost cried. You'd have thought I was watching "Brian's Song" or "Ol' Yellow". As I was leaving, the doctor looked at me and asked "Now can we do your lips?" When we were done, I had Juvederm in my lips and Radiesse in my jawline. I've realized how vain I am and I have decided to embrace this newly found vanity and celebrate it. :o)
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I am a guy and yesterday, I had Perlane injected in the tear troughs and under my eyes to reduce the dark circles under my eyes. I am not sure how I feel about it. I asked for Restylane, but my injector talked me into Perlane because it would provide more volume. I did a total of two syringes. She is recommending more. Right now I feel like I look lumpy. I am bruised. Black eyes on top of dark circles; I just wanted to look good for my upcoming reunion. I'm not convinced that I have used Perlane under the eyes. But to be honest, it does look better than yesterday.
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